18 responses on “How to install or Setting Up A Pinhole Spy Camera In Drywall

  1. Rob Jensen

    How about another video showing the components that come with the camera
    and wiring and hookups….what do use for recording´╗┐

  2. CNWLcanBGrade1

    This makes me worried. Generally I try to maintain the impression that I
    don’t use toilets e.g. I don’t like to buy big packs of toilet rolls in the
    supermarket. But with this drywall cam anyone can film me. I don’t want to
    come home one day think “mmm I’ll just watch a bit of youtube” only to see
    that I’ve gone viral really squeezing and fucking going for it on the
    toilet. Also my turds are really long. Sometimes they stick out of the
    water and won’t go away.

  3. garlicdawg

    U didnt show how to make the pinhole…and your hand was covering the
    Velcro part…but thnx for the tips….

  4. David Norton

    Thanks for the comment Jordan you are exactly right that was a piece of
    drywall used to create a green screen. The color actually caused the
    indentation to be visible.

  5. marinecorp88

    What is the name of the camera that you installed on the finished product,
    and where can I purchase the same one online?

  6. androidaaron31

    Sorry to say that pinhole is obvious as hell… you can see the concave
    indentation of the cam trying to push thru also. Not even discreet

  7. David Norton

    The pin hole dimension is the same size as the lens. Use a drill bit the
    same size as the lens you are using as your pin hole camera.

  8. David Norton

    Unfortunately or fortunately cameras are every where and if someone wants
    to take picture of someone sitting on the toilette taking a crap and then
    watch it. I would say they are lacking in creativity and intelligence and
    will be sucked into the toilette by this type of activity.