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How to Hang TV on Drywall- TV Mount install review Call Toll Free: (877)302-8397 ••• Buy it now : How to mount your TV onto drywall. This…

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  1. AV Express

    How to mount your #TV onto drywall. This video shows how to install a TV
    up to 80 pounds on drywall with no studs or steel studs with included tv
    grade drywall achors. This installation is great for those who do want to
    install there tv where their studs are located or live in an #apartment
    or condo with steel studs. The video depicts an #installation of a fixed
    and tilting #tvmount
    Call Toll Free: (877)302-8397 •••
    Learn More :

  2. Obed Blas

    This video is very informative man you save me $$$ THANKS!! a lot now
    where’s my beer… Let’s do this!

  3. AV Express

    Brian: Make sure the drywall is securely fastened to the wall and is in
    good shape. Based on this weight we would recommend to try and have the
    wall mount fastened to at least one stud. You could use the included
    dyrwall anchors on the left and ride side while fastening directly to a
    stud in the center. If you need additional assistance feel free to call our
    tech support line toll free at 1-877-302-8397. Good luck and thank you for
    shopping with Av Express.

  4. AV Express

    Aqdasm : If possible put the toggle bolts through drywall and steel studs
    where possible. Even though the steel stud is a thin steel, the lateral
    strength when the wall is assembled is very strong. Contact us if you need
    assistance at 1-877-302-8397

  5. AV Express

    This method would be fine for a 35 pound tv. Make sure your drywall is at
    least .50″ thick and securely achored to the studs. Your drywall needs to
    be securely fastened to the wall and must be in good shape. If you need
    additional assistance feel free to call our tech support line toll free at
    1-877-302-8397. Good luck and thank you for shopping with Av Express.

  6. AV Express

    YEs that would be fine. Install the drywall anchors included in this kit
    found on Av Express dot com . Install them through drywall and through your
    steel studs. The steel studs will help reinforce the tv mount back plate.
    Feel free to call us toll free at 877-302-8397 for additional free support.

  7. freaklatino13

    so why do all this when you already have studs?…i came here because i
    cant find them and searching for them is a hassle…is there a way to mount
    it without studs

  8. diyfunstuff

    Hi – Great Video. The wall above my fire place has 24″ wide studs. I have a
    55″ LED slim TV that weighs around 42 pounds. The swivel+tilt mount that i
    bought can only support 16″ wide studs. So can i screw couple of screws to
    the stud and another two to the dry wall using toggle bolts ? Please help.

  9. chris redman

    how can I determine if I have wood studs or metal studs or any studs at
    all? I know I can buy a stud finder, but will that tell me if it is wood or

  10. DrummerKaran512

    Hi, I have a 35lb led tv that i want to mount on a wall with steel studs.
    Will i be ok if i use this method?I would really appreciate some guidance
    as i do not want to risk have the tv fall on a random day.Any help is
    appreciated. Thanks!

  11. AV Express

    Hello Daniel: Tech Support : 1-877-302-8397. There has to be a stud in the
    wall somewhere. It may not be in the ideal location, but there is a stud
    either metal or wood inside your wall. Unless you have a concrete or block
    wall behind the drywall. The key in knowing if you can mount onto drywall
    is to make sure it is anchored well to the studs behind and is structurally
    sound; safety first. You do not want your TV to come crashing down. Give us
    a call if you need further support.

  12. AV Express

    Hello Mountpunchmore: Tech Support : 1-877-302-8397. Odds are if you live
    in an apartment or condominium complex you will likely have metal studs. If
    you live in a house you most likely have wood studs. A lot of the more
    modern stud finders can determine if there is wood and or metal behind the
    wall. You could also take a strong magnet and put it near the wall to
    determine if there is a metal stud behind the drywall.

  13. tartay

    Hi, I’m mounting my 50″ panasonic plasma that weights 58lbs to drywall in
    my loft. After measuring it out, the wall is 84″ long and 4 studs are
    irregularly placed 12″, 27″, 24″ and 14″ apart. Will this be sufficient to
    mount straight to drywall using the method above?

  14. AV Express

    MonsterCat2012: Av Express offers many different toggle bolts which can be
    found under our accessories tab. If you have more questions feel free to
    call us at 877-302-8397. Thanks, Av-Express

  15. AV Express

    Get this mount shipped today via free FEDEX Shipping. Go to av-express
    website and put part number 104-1156 in the search bar and hit go. We look
    forward to receiving your order. Remember to like us on facebook and your
    order could be free .

  16. flatblackstrat

    Just a quick question. I have a wall that has a protruding concrete support
    on one side and door on the other which makes it a must to have my 60 inch
    LCD in the center as to not cover the door and to not hit the protruding
    support (live in a 3 story building in Japan made of concrete). Could I
    just attach a couple of 2x4s running perpendicular to all the studs in that
    given area then just attach the bracket to the center of that? Thanks

  17. AV Express

    freaklatino13: You can mount your tv to drywall without studs as shown in
    our video presentation. Each case is different. We recommend using our kit
    which include the proper tv grade drywall anchors. Make sure your drywall
    is at least .50: thick and is in good shape. Do not attempt anything
    heavier than 80 pounds.

  18. AV Express

    If you are attempting to mount our tilting tv mount shown in this video it
    can be accomplished. Simply take a piece of 3/4 inch plywood 4 feet across
    and about 16 inches wide. Screw it into the two studs very firmly, then
    mount this tilting tv mount shown in video with tv in center of plywood.
    Paint plywood to match. YOU can further anchor the plywood to the drywall
    behind the mount by using these anchors through the mounting backplate,
    plywood and through the drywall behind. 877-302-8397