10 responses on “How To Measure And Install Multi Rib Metal Roofing Part 1

  1. Bath Michigan metal roofing costs

    Uploaded on May 11, 2009
    This video teaches our customers and other people all over the world how to
    measure trim and panels so they order the right stuff to get the job done.
    Shows how to install trim and get started installing panels. Please watch
    part 2 & 3. Contact us at 706-945-1294. We’re located in Augusta Ga. You
    need to check local building codes before doing your roof this way. Some
    states or counties require you to use 1 x 4’s to strip the roof and some
    type of underlayment. Felt or synthetic. You may also choose to use some
    type of closures on the ridge and at the bottom of your roof. You may also
    want to tear your roof off. But the video shows you the basics on what you
    need to know about how to do a metal roof. I hope this video has been
    helpful to at least a few of you.

  2. Jim Jay

    Wow! It takes guts for you to put this on the Internet for all to see. Like
    the masked magician showing how to do tricks, risking criticism from other
    magicians. There are a lot of legitimate roofers out there like you, but
    since weve had a lot of severe weather they stay busy, they cant afford to
    take what I can afford. So it leaves me a few options, get ripped off or do
    it myself. Keep up the good work and thanks for your detailed videos. May
    the Lord richly bless you! Jim J in Arkansas

  3. Judson Whitley

    I appreciate the video. I was getting ready to start a metal roof and was
    concerned about the overhang due to the house not being square. Plus I was
    going to use just regular dripedge. I see now that you have to use the
    fascia dripedge for the look and the gable edge also. Thank you for the info

  4. tkotlarz

    I have watched all three videos in this series, and just wanted to be one
    more person to tell you thank you for sharing this information! Many
    contractors don’t want to share this type of information with the fear of
    having competition and loosing customers to people like myself who would
    rather do it myself. I enjoyed these videos and the next time your in the
    Charlotte NC area let me know, I’ll buy you a beer! Happy new year! Tom

  5. Bergertim

    Do they ship their products out of state? Has anyone actually bought from
    them? The video states a price for the product, but no mention of shipping
    costs or details.

  6. John Sauls

    Wow. You guys are REAL professionals. You allowed me to see the hows and
    whys, which a lot of guys skip. Thank you so much.

  7. armourmetals

    @mxer38 They are midwest offset.We get ours from sears or abc. They stay
    sharp 10x longer than weiss