1. demolitionbarbiedoll

    What is the best type of Valley to be used on a low pitch roof, Central
    Florida, I’m a fan of woven…Does Florida code allow woven valley?

  2. Nicholas Lambroff

    this was a major help with a side job i got goin on appreciate the
    comradery and the time you took to explain it bro, from one hard working
    bastard to another. unlike that bitch harleycrue who obviously dont know

  3. marc benoit

    i like your valley technic on valley rake channel all your trim work…i
    would strap mine, in my climate and experience…nice efficient job

  4. itsjesse21

    @k9forkids lowes is a joke for pretty much everything i know this was 8
    months ago but if you are still looking you should be in $2 a foot range
    lumber yards are about $2.20 right now for gen pop, im getting it for 1.90
    and thats the highest ive ever paid.

  5. USVR

    Thanks for showing how to connect the intersecting valleys over the porch.
    We are doing a similar roof on my Dad’s place and had trouble visualizing
    this component. Thanks again now back to the roof. Regards John, Salt
    Spring Island BC Canada

  6. Dan MacMullin

    Agreed. You saved me hours with this vid. And 2000 dollars, because I saved
    that not buying strapping. I owe ya….

  7. DestroyAllorNothing

    Looks good, thanks for the effort. I may have to watch that valley cut a
    few times to get it. quit wasting your time with the internet pros.

  8. nighthawk5556

    Forget these online pros bro. You just SHOWED how professional you guys
    are. These little commenters should do the same. Looks like a job VERY well
    done to me. How much could a homeowner expect to do this for themselves?
    Say a 1300 square foot home at a guesstimate

  9. Brandon Susich

    I am in South FL myself, and I have a client that wants a similar job
    completed. I was wondering, what is the going rate per sq.ft. for
    installing a roof over like this? I am an aluminum extrusion contractor but
    after watching a few videos of these installations, I think I can tackle
    this small job my client has, but I want to make sure I price it

  10. JohnnyVisionquest

    I hired a guy to do a job like this about ten years ago, metal over asphalt
    shingles. The roof has never leaked.

  11. Scot H

    this is a freaking excellant video, .I’m a carpenter in florida where work
    is slow and I take care of my 72 year old father and the family house. We
    are on a fixed income and i will have to put a new roof on soon and this
    will help us so so much. Thank you very much guys!

  12. k9forkids

    Hey Brian, I just went to lowes and they sell the linear foot a little over
    $3 so I was wondering what material cost as a contractor. I’m trying to get
    a biz started here in NC, any advise will be helpful. Brian B.

  13. Judson Dulany

    Helpful videos. The guy that says it voids warranty is very wrong. I am in
    Florida and there are Miami Dade and Florida product approvals from
    Manufacturer that show direct attachment to shingles. In Florida mobile
    homes are governed by Dept of Motor Vehicles and do not even fall under
    Buidling Codes because they are built in a factory. The guy is another
    idiot who thinks he knows something.

  14. highway101jlwr

    Hey dude, Nice cuts. Thanks for the video. Im a shingler in Canada braking
    into the metal world. I like the valley. Chalking your screw lines. Thanks
    a bunch. Do you have any more videos?

  15. aNuthaRedneck

    @boat6868 Depends on the quality of job you want to produce. You don’t do
    it on an economy job. If the customer wants a superior job they’ll go with
    standing seams at 3x the price!

  16. jonindenver

    My roof is far from flat. I’d sure like to see how to prep it prior to
    putting on the panels. Great video series, thanks for posting.