7 responses on “How to Measure Drywall with Multiple Plumbing Penetrations

  1. Daniel Jue

    Or you could have marked each stub out with lipstick and pressed the board
    on there to mark the holes.

  2. loung tran

    I’m starting as framer and I’m watching as much of ur tips as possible I
    hope this will help me because my mortgage is Comming up and I really need
    This job to also pay for my kids seizure med

  3. Kody Horvey

    I’m glad you made a comment! Thank you. I would like to help in anyway
    possible. This motivated me to unlock all my current videos I have on
    Vimeo. I’ve been working on a new website that’s why I haven’t done it
    sooner. Please search on Vimeo or email me and I will forward you the
    links. Kody.

  4. loung tran

    Also I have done dry wall once self taught but this time im working on 2
    million dollar house project in Alberta but framing I have no experience at
    all and your videos will help me in tomorrows job this company gave me a
    chance of a life time and I want to do best as possible & thank you for
    posting 🙂

  5. Kody Horvey

    I have a lot of framing videos on Vimeo as well as videos showing how to
    square a garage (same method can be used for a wall). I am currently
    unlocking videos and I think they will be a big help. I will also custom
    make a video for you if you have specific questions.