How To Mud & Tape Drywall Butt Joints

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Shannon from shows you the way he finishes drywall “butt” joints. Those are the joints in the drywall that are not beveled…

25 responses on “How To Mud & Tape Drywall Butt Joints

  1. Theresa Banks

    I enjoy your videos. Learning a lot. Do I use the same procedure to cover
    all the screw heads. They have to be covered before painting I think.

  2. jamie brazier

    Much better jointer than the one I just watched 22mins on one joint 1m in
    length and about 1.5 m wide just as we’ll to do the whole wall. By on joint
    I mean 1st coat lol

  3. Darrell Terry

    I have a few questions: 1.What about using mesh tape? 2. Is it better to
    use joint compound? 3. What do you do when the joint is uneven? (This is
    most of the joints in my home.)

  4. RickScherfDrywall

    Nice work Shannon. If the butt joint isn’t a nasty one (relatively flat)
    you can usually get away with only 2 coats. Just bust it out 2 1/2 trowels
    wide on the first coat after tape then you’re more or less just skimming it
    3 wide on the next coat to get rid of any pinholes or imperfections. I’m
    surprised you do your own finishing, the reno guys around here usually sub
    the taping out. Looks good!

  5. Damien Probe

    Hey Shannon are you going to also show us how to texture the drywall as
    well, that would be great, also can you also go over what a level 5 drywall
    job is I heard someone say something about it but they didn’t go into
    detail, thanks in advance and I love your videos great info as always

  6. 1BigPlug

    I switched to the ‘cement’ style trowel like you use. Can’t seem to get the
    mud on the trowel without getting it all over my knuckles. I need more

  7. B Irst

    Hi Shannon, I have seen a couple of videos where they wet the tape before
    application – Is this a good practice?. i am thinking that by wetting the
    tape, unwanted stretches and pre-stress could be induced on the tape that
    might be harmful. OR is it just another type of tape?

  8. steve lowe

    Well done I wish I had this information 15 years ago when I built the two
    bedrooms in my house that was a lot of trial and error before I got it
    right. thanks for the info

  9. Andrew Packer

    I like the way you always smooth out from top to bottom or the opposite,
    that insures a smooth and level finish. I have in the past filed a spot i
    missed and just went over that spot and it screws up the hole area. I hope
    i worded that right….lol

    Great job, thanks again…….Keep`em coming…lol

  10. oskar Monterrosa

    ¡¡¡Thanks guys for making or giving some of your precious time to teach
    other how to do things that keeps people of of trouble . Thanks

  11. sacchand

    Thank you! Love your videos they are very straight forward and precise…
    have helped me out a lot.

  12. Diana Reiss

    You make this look so easy! I like that you showed it step by step and
    mentioned to that it needs to dry between coats. I am again ready to do my
    wall/joint repairs. Thanks