How To Patch Drywall

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How To Patch Drywall

Shannon from shows you an easy way to patch a hole in a drywall wall. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to visit ou…
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25 responses on “How To Patch Drywall

  1. Robert Thurman

    great video… always used a 2×4 or some other piece of wood… What about
    its durability?.. will the patched hole be solid

  2. Rachel Walton

    Hi! Thanks heaps for this video. Very well explained and illustrated. Even
    I can do this! Cheers!

  3. anarchist393

    thats called a california patch. i use that method all the time. i am a
    patch guy in new condo construction and i dont carry a drill and/or studs
    to add backing so i just find pieces of drywall laying around and use that
    method its quick and works well

  4. J.A. Wilson

    Wonderful! Thank you for such a thorough and clear tutorial. Now I need
    one on repairing chipped-off patches of stucco rim on the outside of the
    house. Same kid, same destruction – just on the outside. Thank you again.

  5. Maxid1

    We talked a long time ago about patching many 1 inch holes in a panel and
    you and I thought that just replacing the panel might save time. Well that
    room got pushed to the back burner and since then I learned how to mud a
    level 5 finish. I’m going to do this on all the holes and then skim coat
    the wall because I’m replacing the sheet rock on two walls and I’m not
    doing a textured hawk and trowel finish on those walls. Two walls will get
    skim coated, and two walls will be new materials. Your old and your new
    videos never cease to be helpful.

  6. Johnny Five

    Great videos! Would you patch this the same way for a ceiling? I was
    wondering if gravity would pull on it to make it sag while drying.

  7. Aby N

    you don’t always have to cut a square in the dry wall if it was a small
    hole you can just put a piece of drywall take over the hole

  8. James Leggett

    Thank you so much your video was great I’ve already patched my wall and you
    solve the problem for me once again thank you so much

  9. TuTu Mane

    instead of putting a piece of wood to behind the drywall to hold the new
    drywall in would it be the same to just cut out a piece of drywall and
    screw it from behind?