“How to Prime and Sand Drywall” Fix It Dudes: Drywall Repair Video 4

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15 responses on ““How to Prime and Sand Drywall” Fix It Dudes: Drywall Repair Video 4

  1. Iwrestledahippoonce

    Does this sander work for very intense bumps and unevenness on walls?
    Because my landlord is so cheap and I am just gonna do it myself cause it
    looks awful.

  2. fuck off youtube

    so.. i tried to prime the wall after mudding. Some parts of the drywall mud
    comes off onto the roller when I’m priming. What do I do about that? I let
    it dry for 2 days

  3. knottville

    great video but you never should use a unclean pan to prime or paint a wall
    cause the wet paint will cause the old paint to loosen in the pan and screw
    up your paint job. trust me Ive done it before , you did everything right
    but make sure you clean your pan before you paint cause if the old paint
    breaks up you not only mess up your paint job you also mess up the roller
    brush and the paint in the pan become tainted. but great video. AL’ Home

  4. Modaa Inc

    @TreeTrunk82 oh wow that sounds like an interesting story, but I am glad
    your project worked out. Thanks for watching our videos!

  5. Jen Bowles

    Question…..I noticed you didn’t prime the entire wall..do you only need
    to prime the treated area or should you do the entire wall? Thanks!

  6. fuck off youtube

    @ModaaInc1 I had to patch up a hole in the washroom wall. the previous
    tenant put his wife’s head through the wall, so i had a hole the shape of a
    head. I had to patch it up before I could rent the property out again. It
    is fixed now. I think the issue was the moisture from showering. It might
    have caused the mud to loosen a little and come off on the roller while
    priming. I used a heater on the mud before priming this time… and it
    worked perfectly! Thanks so much for your help Pat! =)

  7. Modaa Inc

    @knottville You are absolutely right, however, I brush the remainder of the
    paint into the can, so that the paint in the tray is not thick enough for
    it to peel. I have a paint tray that has 10 layers of paint that’s never
    peeled and it weighs a ton. I am aware of your concern and appreciate the
    feedback. We specialize in painting and we are detail oriented as well. Its
    the outcome that matters to us. Thanks again =)

  8. Modaa Inc

    @TreeTrunk82 hmm it could be one of two things that I could think of.
    Sometimes when we run into that problem with clients its because they
    didn’t use the proper patching material. Another common mistake is when
    they don’t prime before they patch. Try to prime, then patch, sand and then
    prime again. What type of project are you working on if you don’t mind me
    asking? You can always give me a call if you have anymore questions I am
    more then happy to help. My # is on my channel page.

  9. howtopaintinfo

    There are a few reasons for this occurring; firstly any areas that need to
    be patch should be sanded so the patching compound sticks, you don’t need
    to prime the walls first just make sure you sand the surrounding edges.
    Secondly, if you apply the primer too thin it will start to dry as soon as
    it hits the surface of the filler and then when you roll back over it the
    filler will start to lift, make sure you apply plenty of primer and give it
    a chance to soak in.

  10. fuck off youtube

    great series of video’s. This guy actually tells you EVERYTHING you need to
    know to complete the job. I’m a beginner, so i need the instructions to be
    elaborated. The only video’s you’ll need for drywalling is from this guy!