How to put in a drywall anchor

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Brought to you by: Putting up pictures, curtains, a mirror or perhaps a heavy picture. Find out how to put in a drywall…
Video Rating: 4 / 5 host Tim Carter shares a tip for removing drywall that will prevent unneeded damage to surrounding walls. Before doin…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

22 responses on “How to put in a drywall anchor

  1. Nicholas Hoffenpiper

    Arrrgh. I wish I saw this earlier. Thank you for sharing your wisdom. I
    learn something everyday from people like you.

  2. noyesc1

    ummm ok so you remove it without “damaging” the other wall… however, dont
    you need to tape the seam back up anyways ? so doing this would be pretty
    redundant. Considering that you will be refinishing the corner anyways.

  3. Ask the Builder

    @fritsie123 Please go to my AsktheBuilder website. Always do that when you
    have a question. I have columns there about wallpaper and drywall. They’re
    in either the Wallpaper or Drywall category. I’ll pass your compliment to
    the wardrobe department.

  4. ytbmmvi

    Actually my house also ended up having thick metal mesh (covered with
    plaster) in all corners and I had to re-do all of them. I tried a hammer
    and chisel (instead of the knife) and a reciprocating saw (blade cut at
    same lenght as wall thickness). None of them worked. Hopefully someone will
    have an answer for this situation. Thanks for your great videos!! They have
    been very helpful.

  5. lovecloud2

    I have removed drywall along one wall and now I am putting up more, using
    screws. The drywall that used to be on the wall was installed with nails
    and I notice there are a lot of little holes in the studs now. Do I have to
    worry that the studs are weakened by the holes left by removed nails?