How to re-roof a shed with Onduline corrugated roofing sheets

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How to re-roof a shed with Onduline corrugated roofing sheets

Here I show you how easy it is to re-roof a shed with Onduline roofing. When I built my garden shed in 1987 I used Onduline corrugated roofing following the …
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25 responses on “How to re-roof a shed with Onduline corrugated roofing sheets

  1. ZadZadrack

    Wish you were my neighbour. You’re a great guy and very helpful with your
    various videos. I am going to buy this ONDULINE sheets and screws and try
    to put them on top of an existing ‘felt’ roof, which I had done about a
    year ago, and through which some water is leaking at the joints with the
    main wall of the house. Thanks again.

  2. David Bailey

    I am about to replace a shed roof for my father which has been in place for
    around 30 years and would prefer to use screws. The screws on the Onduline
    shop web site are 60mm long – shorter than the nails – I assume these are
    the ones you used – is that correct?

    Interestingly, I cannot find the Onduline classic sheets on their site –
    they only appear to have smaller Easyline sheets.

  3. Stevie G

    Hello Peter. Great video. I have around 20 sheets of Onduline to fit. You
    state that you are using Onduline screws. However Onduline do not make
    screws for their own roofing sheets only PE nails. I can use 75mm roofings
    screws with black sealing caps. Would you recommend screws if possible or
    go with the onduline nails. Any advice would be great. Keep the videos

  4. corombol

    Thanks for the vid. Onduline is being fixed on the roof of a stable (sorta)
    as I write this. However, only 11 nails per sheet – a compromise between 6
    nails suggested by some construction worker and the Onduline version of 20.
    I like following instructions, but 20, at least from my incompetent
    viewpoint, is simply irrational.

  5. Mike Nestle

    I wanted to separate out my reaction to your most splendid presentation
    from my ideas about the material. It was a pleasure to watch. MANY thanks
    and warm regards for this excellent video. It was clear, comprehensible,
    logical and well filmed. I really liked the part where you added color
    graphics to make the sequence of panel installation even clearer.
    Congratulations on a brilliant job!

  6. Heathen Brown

    what’s a felt Roof? are you referring to fiberglass Bitumen Shingles? I’ve
    heard you Brits call it that… 5 years, you’re mad mate, the lowest
    quality “SHINGLES” is 25 years (unless their make in china), then there are
    also 30 year, 40 year and lifetime. they’re made by taking a 2mm thick
    fiberglass matte, its covered both sides with Bitumen, and stone granules
    pressed into it. the roof need to vented at the eaves and the ridge, can do
    one without the other. Also shingles need to be nailed onto the ply, never
    stapled. Also, some shingles as seen in my video’s have 200kph wind rating.

    Even your roof needs venting to prolong the roof, all the hot air is going
    to force its way out through your ridge, I recommend a vent up under the
    ridge on the wall front and back of your shed (gable vents). even where you
    live, that warm air needs to get out and regardles of type of roof you
    have, ventalation is key

  7. Jamie Greenaway

    Just went on their website and saw they stocked it in Travis Perkins not
    far from me, I assume its a set price? I mean travis perkins will be the
    same price as say another stocker of Onduline. Thanks

  8. Mike Nestle

    Onduline appears to have failed in the American market, I haven’t seen any
    for years. I always thought that was a shame – and a reflection on the
    carelessness which characterizes much of the blue collar crafters here.
    People don’t read directions, they don’t take care, it is considered almost
    unmasculine to read instructions – so there were many crazed complaints
    that the roof panels blew away or made leaky roofs, etc. Somehow, it didn’t
    occur to them that negligent installation would affect the final results.
    Many workers here reject new materials and techniques almost reflexively.
    It’s a real shame. 

  9. gppixelworks

    Fantastic video. Addressed all my concerns and questions regarding
    Onduline. Ta! Just subscribed as I very much like your easy going style.

  10. ningis21

    Hi Peter,
    I would just like to say that I always enjoy your videos…keep up the
    good work.
    Onduline….have you ever had any issues with condensation on the
    under/inside surface when using this product?
    I ask as I am considering using this product on my shed come workshop.

  11. philby

    Hi Peter. Very useful video. How easy is it to use the corrugated
    sheeting on a shed which already has flat wooden sheets with felt on? What
    are the main changes required if it can be done? Thanks

  12. Peter Parfitt

    Hi Olly, Onduline is excellent. Coroline is a less expensive product aimed
    at the DIY side of the market – it is thinner than Onduline and cannot be
    expected to last as long. The price difference is so small that I feel it
    is more sensible to get the better quality product – a genuine example of
    an a’porth of tar. Peter

  13. Rideorhide

    Great video Peter, I need to replace my roof soon. I like the design of
    your shed with the overhanging roof. My only gripe with this video is there
    wasn’t a Festool in sight:)

  14. Peter Parfitt

    Hi Barry, Funny enough, at the dump someone said that they could use some
    of it for a chicken hutch. I did damage the old sheets taking them off but
    it was all amazingly sound considering it had done 26 years. The new roof
    is superb (a lot better than felt) and will see me out. Peter

  15. Barry BadgeStar Coulson

    Very good informative video. You say your old roof wasn’t leaking ……..
    I could have used them for my shed!! 😉

  16. Olly Parry-Jones

    Nice job, Peter. I’ve heard plenty of good words about this product but
    it’s reassuring to see it used in the flesh. Do you know if it’s similar to
    another product called Coroline?

  17. Peter Parfitt

    If it is any consolation, I built the small shed, shown in one of the
    stills, using my super Festool gear. The overhang was an after thought a
    year or so after the original shed was built. It was easy to do but not
    very cleverly done as I had a full time job and was on the road a lot in
    those days. Good luck. Peter