How to remove popcorn ceilings fast and easy

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How to remove popcorn ceilings fast and easy

This is the video to watch if you want to see the process for removing popcorn ceilings. From what tools to use for masking off and scraping, as well what sh…
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  1. 2300cbrown

    Nice job. Good presentation with the white colored letters describing the
    process. Few Utubers use this method to document (explain) their
    videos. Even fewer back up their tutorials with equipment images. The
    background music fits. No in face angry music or distracting vocals. No
    commercialized, sponsors either. Thanks man! Good job… again :)

  2. Kristin Patterson

    Wait wait wait… this stuff can be GONE this easy from my entire house??
    Oh thank you… one modernization coming up!

  3. arisdrywallspraying

    We used just a regular camcorder amazingly enough. the spy cam was broken
    during the popcorn removing process

  4. Milosz Ostrow

    Asbestos-laced popcorn texturing was banned in1978, but the law allowed
    contractors to use up existing stocks, so it’s possible to find it in
    houses into the 1980s. I’d still scrape a sample and mail it into a
    laboratory for analysis. Even covering the walls and floors, asbestos
    fibers could float all over the house and create a serious health issue
    later. See mesotheliomanews[dot]com /2009 /08 /22
    /misconceptions-about-asbestos-and-popcorn-ceilings/ ([dot]=. and remove

  5. arisdrywallspraying

    I would. .when removing popcorn, it creates dust even when wet. This will
    prevent and dust from sticking to the walls and messing up good paint job.
    otherwise you will have to brush the diary of

  6. arisdrywallspraying

    Usually with a garden hose and a nozzle that has a an adjustble mist
    setting. those work best. you dont want to get the ceiling to wet.

  7. arisdrywallspraying

    The whole reason for the extenstion poles are so you dont have to get on a
    baker scaffold in the first place. A professional knows how to work his way
    around fans and lights without having to get up on a scaffold in the first
    place. If you are a professional Mike then i suggest you learn some better
    and fast techniques to get a job done efficiently and properly to save
    time, at the same time making sure the H.O. is satisfied with the completed
    project. Use a ladder if fans give you trouble.

  8. arisdrywallspraying

    if you plan on replacing the floors its not necessary. Its best to rip the
    floors up first anyhow. it always helps to cover the walls. remember you
    will probably be using water to wet the popcorn and you dont want that on

  9. travis boucher

    I do need to point out the importance of damp sanding the ceiling prior to
    texture application after the popcorn is scraped. Any existing popcorn
    residue (especially in the field between mud joints and nail spots) is
    extremely brittle after it dries and can wreak havoc on the painter. If the
    time is taken to take a sponge-mop and completely remove all traces of the
    old popcorn, the job will be as flawless as can be without replacing the
    ceiling board. 20 years of experience has taught me well!

  10. arisdrywallspraying

    I really dont recommend just a wet t shirt. a proper respirator is much
    better. a shirt never stops much.

  11. Matt Blake

    I’m planning on repainting the entire room and replacing the flooring
    should I still cover the floors and the walls?

  12. Mitchell Meyer

    I really appreciate the video! Very helpful.. One quick question: If the
    ceiling does contain asbestos, how would you recommend handling it? Would I
    be safe if I wear a full face respirator and tyvek suit? Thanks for any
    advice you can give!

  13. arisdrywallspraying

    It requires more water sometimes. Let the water soak through the paint. If
    the paint is real bad or semi gloss you will have lots of trouble getting
    this done in the first place.

  14. gofockyourself123

    assume you have asbestos, and keep everything moist/wet to prevent dust.
    use wet t-shirt and tie around your nose/mouth.

  15. arisdrywallspraying

    Texture is not important. It depends on the homeowner and what they want.
    When popcorn is removed, If no texture is applied, the ceiling will need to
    have the finish joints mudded again and sanded to give the ceiling a flat
    finish. If this isn’t done, than the ceiling will look bad due to poor
    finishing of the original ceiling, which the popcorn intended to hide.

  16. arisdrywallspraying

    It can be difficult. The only way to do it is to spray it with water and
    hope for the best. No Sometimes you have to try different methods to get it

  17. John Leitaker

    first take a speed reading class. I kid. really don’t try this yourself
    this guy must have done quit a few to make it look this easy. just hire
    him. Or, if you in the n. cal. call me.

  18. tucnasam

    The video was pretty straight forward and answered all my questions on how
    to do the job. But, I learn by watching and my head was pulled out of my
    ass a few years back.