How to repair a flat roof leak Underwater permanently – Karnak 19 Ultra Rubberized Flashing

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Underwater Roof leak repair and maintenance with the industry’s top quality rubberized flashing cement, Karnak Ultra 19. Video demonstrates the remarkably si…
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25 responses on “How to repair a flat roof leak Underwater permanently – Karnak 19 Ultra Rubberized Flashing

  1. Bryan Taylor

    what is the point of the fiberglass membrane? Looks like the dino-dung
    sealed it up pretty good already.

  2. nemesisfcl

    for fuck sake, if you have water on your roof and you want to fix it get
    the water off it, down the drain, off the roof, useful for a short time if
    it rains, i wonr argue that but get a roofer with the right experience and
    if possible ask for there previous jobs so you can chek out whats what.

  3. Sean Harvie

    would have only took 5 mins to brush water off roof and dry it for dry
    application this man has no common sence…

  4. Travis Beaulieu

    Moisture barrier, Recovery board, mechanically fastened 180 sanded base
    with torched laps, staggered wall and curb stripping (base) or soprema peel
    and stick 180 wall stripping and then with a staggered cap shield for sun
    protection, and staggered wall and curb stripping.( cap) Proper bleed out
    and youll have a roof for 30 40 years. I deal with a lot of water and ice
    and water build up, the mechanniclly fastened base help the roof to move
    with the changing conditions, makes for easy repairs

  5. stevelovesgod

    For those who don’t know, You have to go to a building supply store like
    Marjam’s or a Roofing store to purchase this item.

  6. Tammy Browning

    I’ve looked at Home Depot and Lowes, can’t find this product at
    either…Where is it available?

  7. Rhett Owen

    Obvious salesman not a roofer!! I like where he makes one swipe underwater
    and like magic it sticks. You have to rub the stuff in vigorously then
    apply the mesh. And you only do it underwater if it’s raining. It will last
    2 yrs tops without aluminum coat.

  8. Connor Ahlers

    Please people do not use products like this.. Get it patched properly. This
    will leak again in a year and you’ll have to call someone who knows what
    they are doing and pay them to scrape all that off and patch it correctly..

  9. Teddy L Boulden

    Nice to warn that this stuff lasts only about 2 years and to get a real
    roofer. My roofer put down a failed torch-down. Next this really cool
    “new” product with no fix. I’m here to learn as much as I can. This stuff
    might give me options. Get the leak fixed while I’m trying to find a good
    roofer. I’d like to find an honest one too, but that might be asking too