How to Repair a Large Drywall Hole Video

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Mark Donovan of shows how to repair a large drywall hole.
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25 responses on “How to Repair a Large Drywall Hole Video

  1. Romeo Villarreal

    I do have a question, what if the studs are too far apart for the gap or if
    there is only one beam attainable where the hole is? Is there any way to
    just do it the same way without having to nail the new piece on every end?
    Or is that a no no? A reply would be greatly appreciated. 

  2. HomeAdditionPlus

    Yes, however you should frame in a stud between the opening. The spacing
    between studs should be no greater than 16 inches on center.

  3. Adam Sendek

    @MrVeeBlog If its a stucco finish maybe I can help. First off, make sure
    that your repair is feathered into the wall. That means making sure that
    your repair is as flat as possible, without completely removing your repair
    by means of sanding. You’ll probably need to sand the perimeter surrounding
    the repair with an electric hand sander (remove several inches around the
    entire patch). Next, apply a skim-coat of drywall topping to the smooth

  4. HomeAdditionPlus

    @jjlwis No, I cut the paper side and I installed the paper side outwards.
    It may seem that I did the opposite, but that is only because the new piece
    of drywall was not painted and had a darker appearance.

  5. midgetman31285

    Any tips on repairing a hole in a wall with years of paint built up? There
    is nearly 1/16 inch of paint built up and I am having a tough time getting
    the drywall flush. Do I need to shim the drywall to match the level of the
    paint? Or could I just mud the whole area, sand and re-paint?

  6. alextothehbro

    I think this should have showed putting in the screws and at least some of
    the sanding process but good video overall.

  7. HomeAdditionPlus

    @anutypenterntainment – If you are getting bubbles it is most likely you
    don’t have enough joint compound behind the tape, or your squeezing it out
    as you fasten the tape on the wall.

  8. HomeAdditionPlus

    You should wait until the joint compound is totally white, which should
    take about 24 hours, depending upon temperature, humidity, and how thick
    you applied the joint compound.

  9. cadrywall

    You can also by pre-cut 16″ by 16″ repair drywall squares at select Ace
    Hardwares, TrueValues, OSH’s and Home Depots. There is also a print demo on
    there site at cadrywall.