How to Repair Cracks and Holes in Drywall

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Drywall can get damaged by kids, pets and doors. In a few short steps, you will learn how to repair drywall damage, small or big, to get your walls back to n…
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25 responses on “How to Repair Cracks and Holes in Drywall

  1. Alan Howard

    Thanks for taking the time to prepare an excellent video. We have done
    some drywall work but it has been several years. you have brought us up to
    speed. Great.

  2. Jamie Frank

    When applying drywall mesh tape around the patched area, how do you handle
    the corners, ie. overlap the tape, cut the tape at a 45 degree angle in the
    corner or 90 degree angle? Also can drywall tape and drywall mesh tape be
    used interchangeably? Finally, can spackle and joint compound be used
    interchangeably? Thanks.

  3. K13Good

    but if you have to paint wont you have to paint the entire wall/room? or is
    the re paint not noticeable?

  4. MM Valderrama

    Lol spackle should be thicker then the all purpose he’s using. Secondly
    spackle doesnt shrink so it good for nail holes in trim also. It easier to
    sand then wood putty.

  5. Toronto Painters

    Fiber tape is a lifesaver, it’s easy-to-use, Safe time and more usable for
    the inexperienced. Just place it on and plaster over it.We have more
    information on plastering and painting to help you with your project please
    check us out.