How to Repair Drywall. How to Fix a Hole in the Wall. THE EASY WAY!

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25 responses on “How to Repair Drywall. How to Fix a Hole in the Wall. THE EASY WAY!

  1. J-L B

    Thanks Shane.
    If only half the “How To” Vids on Youtube were that well explained.
    (I’ve subscribed)

  2. Arthur McLean

    great video on a simple easy way to fix a hole in sheet rock or dry wall.
    I liked how you did everything. Easy to follow video. Simple directions.

  3. Roger Hornaday

    Probably the best how-video I’ve seen. The steps are clear and good editing
    keeps things rolling at a fast clip not to mention the very personable chap
    is a very personable chap! 

  4. Sir Pyro

    Just discovered you, Brother. I loved the salt addition. I’ve never seen
    that before, and being a painter, this will really help alot. Thanks so
    much (from Ohio). Take care now. 

  5. jonnyblent

    This guy’s a legend. Onya mate… great work. I head-butted the dry wall in
    a rental home while playing chasings with the daughter!… and we move out
    in 4 wks!! So thank god i found this vid.

  6. david myers

    I made a hole in the wall while being stupid and this video allowed me not
    to get in some really big trouble

  7. illsignificunt

    I’ve got a pretty sizable hole in drywall…15″x8″. Will this work? What
    would you recommend? Thanks

  8. Teresa Brandt

    Nice! you were able to answer all my questions. I have 5 kids and a few
    holes to repair and now I can do it myself. Thanks.

  9. Slap Stick

    Would you consider scoring the drywall before putting the tape for a
    smoother profile, or is it generally not noticeable?