How to Repair Drywall – The Home Depot

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See more: From small holes and scratches to holes in your walls, watch this video on how you can repair your drywall.
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25 responses on “How to Repair Drywall – The Home Depot

  1. Eddie Kaywood

    This saved my life, my dad would have killed me of he saw I got really mad
    and made a huge hole by accident

  2. cresten1000

    I have to say the last patch looked like shit. Please don’t think that
    anyone can do this just by seeing a few videos it takes time. just hire a
    pro for pro results.

  3. William Owens

    CHECK FOR WIRES BEHIND THE WALL FIRST!! Like the bevel idea in comments.
    This is the best way to fix hole. If it is your house, you will sand and
    mud, sand and mud. Fiberglass and aluminum patches suck. They don’t blend
    well and are weaker. Could also use a corner piece of drywall to help
    minimize the mud hill. And maybe use topper mud for final coat plus its
    good for light texturing.

  4. Silverhorn2

    Terrible demo. Should have cut slight bevel in DW around perimeter of
    patch. Light coats of compound can be smoothed with a damp sponge to
    eliminate a lot of sanding. Extend compound a min 6″ beyond repair patch to
    blend it in .

  5. 0ladap0

    I kicked a big hole in my wall but it’s under my dorm room’s light switch
    and some cracks sort of go around close to the light switch. What would I
    have to do differently because I don’t think I can follow the exact same
    procedure. P.S. I have too move out in a little over a week! Thanks in

  6. dlwatib

    These were definitely the perfectionist instructions. He was replacing half
    the wall for a mere doorknob knockout. And no, most people aren’t going to
    mud, sand, mud, sand, and a third time mud and sand before repainting the
    entire wall. Besides, most of us have texture on the walls that has to be
    matched anyway.

  7. Crazy Super Saiyan

    ya me to but i put a picture over it but i am moving soon so i might reaper
    it or not but i don,t wont my mom to know