How to: Roofing – Capping and Installing Ridge Vent

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This video explains everything you need to know about capping and installing ridgevent on your roofing project. I hope this video is helpful and you folks en…

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25 responses on “How to: Roofing – Capping and Installing Ridge Vent

  1. Raul Ruiz

    Hey i have a question a company just finished doing our roof but they
    didn’t put shingles on all the vents is this normal or they have to put
    them and cover the entire vent.

  2. FirstMTwo

    Did you use a hammer for the entire ridge vent? Is there a particular
    reason you didn’t use the nail gun for it or was it just preference?

  3. SpockMcoy Issmart

    just a comment on these plastic ridge vents. Some come lined with a
    plastic scrub pad looking thing. Which is GOOD if you live in an area like
    the northeast where stink bugs like to find a way to get into your hours.
    Without the plastic as a little barrier to keep the bugs out, but lets the
    air escape from your attic. I’ve seen the grills on some ridge vents with
    out the plastic scrub pad inside is filled with stink bugs that die there
    and no air can get out.

  4. Jose Jose Perro

    muy buen video sobre los techos de papel granito, solo les falta ponerlos
    en español por favor muchas gracias.Nuevo Laredo Tamp.

  5. and1chewy

    great video but I was curious how you finish off the other side? Like to
    you have exposed nails on one side or do you do something else to finish
    off the other side?

  6. shizalot

    Great instructions! Question… is it normal to see some moisture on the
    ridge vent cap from the inside the attic when it rains really hard?

  7. Astromyxin

    Starter cap is missing. This system of capping is a 4-ply system. The first
    cap on the house is only two ply. There should be a double half-cap(two
    caps together with their exposures cut off, leaving the adhesive intact,
    facing rakeside) installed first before you install your first course of
    cap. And, you should make sure that your final cap also has 4 plys as well.

  8. Flash6031

    How did you finish the ridge single on the ridge vent. And I am hearing
    they clog and some leak. Your comments on this please.

  9. Charles Corey

    Never use Cobra Rolled Ridge Vent is doesn’t ventilate properly and let’s
    the rain come in. Use a externally baffled ridge vent always. Always run
    the ridge vent material to the end of the house even though you don’t cut
    to the end. This makes it look like a chicken coop. Congrats though–he is
    the only roofer besides us to hand nail with LONG ROOFING NAILS. The
    longest gun roofing nails just do not cut the mustard.

  10. qmax22

    Double cap is not acceptable,because top tab is not properly glue,u will
    have to apply sealant or plastic cement on each tab,in order to keep tabs
    for blowing away

  11. hansmustermann73

    Hello, great instruction. Can you do also a video how to place the shingles
    at the other end of the ridge vent? This match with the last hint of
    daniel. You explain it in the comment, but sorry i don’t understand.
    Greetings from germany

  12. minthillbilly

    I have a video just on that topic but I should be able to explain. You want
    to run your shingles up both sides of the roof all the way. place your
    ridgevent over the top. If your not covering the nail heads on the last
    shingle you nailed on then you will have to run another row of shingles.At
    the peak you will have unnecessary shingle material hanging over. you will
    need to trim all this back with a hook knife in the areas in which your
    gonna install ridgevent.

  13. minthillbilly

    Materials shouldn’t be to much if your gonna do it yourself. 4 ft sections
    of ridgevent are approx. $7 each. A bundle of 3 tabs will cap about 33 ft.
    There are about $25 each. A capping shingle is a better choice and they run
    about $50 a bundle and usually cap about 20 ft depending on the brand. Yes
    you will have to cut the plywood back on each side of the ridgepoll to
    allow proper ventilation. The ridgevent should have info on it as to how
    far to cut out the ridge. Take care

  14. Eucarlos de Lima Martins

    Thanks for sharing so valuable information. I’m planning to roof my home by
    myself and I found very clear information here. Congratulation from Brazil.

  15. CenterTree777

    This is a great video. I am installing shingles and a ridge vent on a shed
    and this helped a lot. Thanks. Why did you NOT run the vent to the end of
    the roof? Why leave the 14 inches?

  16. 101shitkid

    where the shingles meet up with the opening (ridge vent) are those shingles
    cut smaller or are they a special shingle?…i’m attempting my first roof

  17. john casor

    Very nice video, can you make a how to install asphalt shingle roof by
    teaching where to pull a snap line & install a few rolls of shingles we
    would love see how it is done correctly. Thank you so much.

  18. minthillbilly

    Great question! wish i would have covered it in the vid. On the last
    shingle, after its nailed down. Trim so theres about a half to 3/4 of and
    inch hanging past the ridge vent. you can dab just a little roofing tar
    over the nail heads and call it finished or what I like to do is cut
    another shingle tab to fit over the exposed nail heads and then use the tar
    generously to attach that last shingle. It looks better and there are no
    exposed nail heads. Hope this helps. take care!