How to … Roofing: Measuring & laying off a Roof

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This video describes and demonstrates how to measure and lay off your roofing project. The importance of doing so will insure a quality job. I believe using …
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  1. Johnny Hurst

    Hades Dillinger I usually run my valleys in first just makes it work out
    easier. Ive heard that the california valley is the shingle running
    verticle up the valley thereby eliminating the need for the closed cut.
    Personally I dont like the bulge of the California valley. What I call a
    metal valley is an open valley. Its nice being below the rain snow line.
    You know they push that ice and water shield like its some kind of miracle
    product. I have may examples of the stuff leaking in the winter when the
    material shrinks away from the nails because of the cold. Purty decent
    video there buddy

  2. minthillbilly

    Good question!!! It depends on whhich shingle your using and what type of
    valley your installing. If I’m using an architectural style shingle I will
    start in the valley whether Im weaving or installing a closed cut valley.
    If I’m using a three tab I lead into the valley so the bond remains
    straight. When working the valley in three tabs try to make sure the valley
    always gets a full shingle and that the leading edge crosses the valley by
    8 to 12 inches. This can be achieved by removing a tab …

  3. minthillbilly

    One thing I can say is never nail within 6 inchs of either side of the
    valley whether your weaving of close cutting a valley. Are you gonna weave
    or close cut that three tab valley?

  4. minthillbilly

    …..cont……a tab or two leading into the valley….this may sound
    confusing by try to make sure there are no breaks in the valley and that
    nothing needs to be nailed within 6 inchs from the center of the valley on
    either side…..hope this helps…take care

  5. Quarrix Building Products

    Thanks for the great how-to video! Roofing jobs are much easier to tackle
    after you’ve seen good examples of how to complete each step. We’ve got
    some videos on our channel as well, about how to install ridge vents and
    such. Anyway, happy roofing! – Quarrix

  6. Marlon Hernandez

    Thanks for the video, im new to roofing and these kinds of videos help me
    in learning to do good quality work.

  7. card hutt

    thank you for the video, i am doing my own roof. not quit sure i understand
    the valleys. i am using 3 tab. you say to let them overlap the valley by 8
    to 12 inches. once they cross the valley, won’t that cause the bond to
    angle? also, saw one video that said to nail through the goop on the
    shingles in the valleys. is it possible to do that and still not nail
    anything within 6 inches of either side of the valley? thanks for the help
    and i am subscribed rich

  8. minthillbilly

    Thanks for the comment and yes Id love to see some of your videos. Let me
    know when you have some. Take care

  9. Nathaniel Adams -Souders

    i noticed most people on youtube dont use metal valley? whats up with that.
    it dont cost hardly any more on the etime, and its cleaner looking and
    drier. any thoughts? most roofers on youtube dont use metal. whats up with
    that? its prettier, hardly more expensive on estime, faster to lay down,
    and drier. any ideas??

  10. minthillbilly

    The metal valley commonly called the California Valley is also a good
    alternative if done correctly although some Shingle maufacturers wont
    fulfill their lifetime warrenty with anything other than the closed cut
    valley. In my part of the country I see very few California valleys except
    for a few Ive seen on commercial buildings. Have a great day friend and
    thanks for the comment.

  11. Hades Dillinger

    are you supposed to install the valleys first or install the shingles on
    the perimeter of the roof first?

  12. minthillbilly

    Ice guard is not required in this part of the country but we did install it
    first before the felt was laid down. Have a great day friend!