2 responses on “How to : Roofing – Shingling Up before the Ridge Cap

  1. minthillbilly

    I highly recommend ridgevent but for it to work correctly you must have
    enough soffit vents as well so the roof can draw some fresh air and exhaust
    the hot air through the ridge. I know its hot in Florida so it may be a
    good idea to install an additional roof vent as well. It could be a turbine
    vent or one with an eclecric motor that is controled by a thermostat. The
    cooler you can keep those attic temps, the longer your roof will last. Hope
    this helps. Have a great day my friend!

  2. The Bowzer

    It’s me again (Bowzer)(Bowzer wz the name of my Begal dog I had for 13
    years, my buddy) I have a ridge vent question. I have seen 2 homes next to
    me re-roofed. 1 has the ridge vent @ the ridge, as U are showing. The other
    home has a vent about 4/5 feet long installed maybe 2 feet below the ridge,
    cut right into the roof. Which 1 would be better in Florida, considering
    the wind driven rains we get here. I naturally do not any leaks. A few $
    more won’t kill me. Thank you.