25 responses on “How To Sand Drywall

  1. Ken Burke

    How can you not know the # grit sandpaper? Thats huge! I did drywall for
    years under a guy who did it for 50 yrs. We used 150 grit. Its very
    important if you would you not want gauges in your drywall.

  2. badcobra728

    Thanks man! Your videos give me the confidence to tackle this stuff. I
    appreciate you taking the time!

  3. 32Condon

    Thank you soo much!! I am finishing a bedroom and living room in my
    basement by myself and i had ideas of how to do things, but you answered
    all of my questions for drywalling in the 3 videos I watched!! thx.

  4. omar eldasher

    that scared the shit out of me lol and now i cant stop laughing, but it was
    a very wel detailed video either way, just some comic relief lol

  5. INCC74656I

    whats the best way to get a flat corner when the walls do not match up?
    every video i find on youtube is some utopia of flat and even walls with
    square edges. i the past 3 years i have not worked in a job that has had a
    square wall or level floor/ceiling. when you have say a 1/4-1/2″ gap from
    wall to ceiling or a corner that bends so the tape wont lay flat or binds
    up what do you do?

  6. iceclimber2001

    I’ve got some hand-me-down drywall sanding screen. OK to use in place of
    the sandpaper? Pros? Cons?

  7. yahweysway

    Thank you SO MUCH for sharing. I had a general idea of how to do it, but
    obviously didn’t know enough!!! You’re a drywall stud!