25 responses on “How to Shingle an Outdoor Storage Shed Roof

  1. secondghost

    Will this roof keep water out? Yes. Would I pass this roof? Absolutely not.
    Do NOT nail your bottom starter row up high on the tar strips. Nail it low
    into the bottom drip edge so the wind doesn’t rip it all off. Never cut
    your shingles flush with the drip edge, you want 3/4 to a full inch of
    overhang. NEVER use nails below your tar line to keep shingles down at the
    bend of the roof. It looks terrible and unprofessional. Let the heat of the
    sun bend the shingles down and use a dab of blackjack or any other roofing
    contact cement between the exposed tab and the shingle underneath, I
    promise you it will hold better than any exposed nail ever will. But at the
    end of the day its just a little shed, follow the steps in this video and
    you will be just fine. Just don’t apply what you learned on this video to
    roofing a sloped house or building.

  2. Eileen A. Hays

    Building a shed your self should be fun, enjoyable and not hard as you
    think. You can also save a big money.

  3. Sheds Direct

    I might say that this is a brilliant and excellent idea. Another essential
    part of building shed is the shingling of roof in order to make your shed
    more attractive and sturdy enough. I am grateful for sharing your knowledge
    and keep up the good work! 

  4. McMinnManiac

    He’s a stock broker , this is the first time he’s done this …he’s working
    at 10$ an hr to underbid the illegal mexicans down the street who are 15$
    an hr

  5. Kandimann

    I’m sorry, but the guy on the left looks like the type of guy that you
    would hire, then go to work, then come home and find your whole family dead
    and the roof shed half done.

  6. Christopher Thompson

    We lost most of the shingles off our shed in Superstorm Sandy. We finally
    finished redoing it Monday. We followed these instructions, with one
    exception- we also put down some roofing sealant under the shingles. We
    just had a real howler of a squall come through here, and we didn’t lose
    any shingles! Thanks guys! (Also, Gary E- we also used a multitool to trim
    the shingle edges, but we found the semicircular blade to work better.)

  7. ewags84

    It looks like you are nailing into the sealing strip? At least the nail
    heads appear to be over the sealing strip. I thought this was a no-no?

  8. kycruisecrazy

    About how long to install? And how would I know how much material would i
    need? Thanks for posting.

  9. Kabloooy

    Won’t water leak into those exposed nail heads on the top ridge? There has
    to be a better way to do this.

  10. allytyler11

    your video was very well put together, i know there is a saying that “its
    just a shed” but your roofing ideas need some refining, most of this can
    come right from reading the instructions on the packaging. first off your
    roof edge as everyone calls it is rightly called a gabel flashing. eve
    flashing needs to be installed at the “obviously” at the eves first on to
    the decking with a nail at every rafter then paper then gabel flashing. eve
    flashing looks like this _/””””’ also