How To Splice Metal Studs

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Framing a wall with steel studs, but need to increase the length of the studs? No problem, Master Craftsman Rob North shows how to properly splice steel stud…
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23 responses on “How To Splice Metal Studs

  1. Gregory P

    How do you attach a door to a metal stud door rough opening? Is there a way
    to build a rough opening using 2×4 combined with the metal studs? I have
    not seen any video that explain this important detail. I want to do this
    with my basement project.

  2. brett weir

    well in 24 years of experience you shoulda found a better supply house pall
    I can get any size gauge or length stud delivered and so could you if you
    weren’t such a jew

  3. brett weir

    il lay out walls longer than the block you live on and be plumb bitch you
    think you special cause u can mark 16s like I said you are a harry
    homeowner small scale chump I was on 3 floor building today laying more
    metal down than your ass will all week and as far as a helper goes this
    aint 1986 and 99% of the real work going on is one man your helper probolly
    has time to watch sports center at work with you

  4. brett weir

    yeah theres situations where u need to learn how to frame and this is one
    of them il out frame you with my dick youd get fired in 5 minutes workn the
    way this video portrays things

  5. Kreepy Pasta

    Don’t even try it homeowners/Diyers, you will cut yourself everytime, if
    you don’t learn the “masonic tin snip” cutting hand technique you will cut
    a major artery in your hand and induce eternal carpal tunnel!…good luck

  6. brett weir

    and by the way craftsman tools makles nothing good for drywall there drills
    suck ass and all there hand tools are pieces of shit only and idiot would
    put a craftsman drill in his hand on a rEAL drywall site

  7. brett weir

    motha fucker il run more metal in 4 hours than you will in 2 days and you
    work for a cheap asshole who buys material from home depot and just cause
    your on a craftsmen commercial just shows how much drywall work you really
    do cause those 19.2 guns aint worth a shit

  8. brett weir

    dude il out frame your black ass with one hand Mexicans are taking over
    cause of people like you thinkn they are good and don’t know shit

  9. douglas carpenter

    WoW, you have little faith in your fellow man. Newbies are gonna get
    cut.You will get cut using metal studs. But In 24 years of metal framing, I
    only saw a few cuts that needed serious medical attention. Also it takes
    years of using snips to effect your hands causing arthritis or carpal

  10. douglas carpenter

    LOL can it bitch.. You might run some metal. After I lay out all of your
    walls,provide you with materials and tools. And only If you get a 2 hour
    head start. And then maybe You and a helper beat me working alone. No body
    buys Home depot material for a job. I’m not in a craftsman commercial. I
    quit using their snips and tapes when they stopped replacing them for
    free.Of course you probably were in prison then or sucking mama’s tit.

  11. moofushu

    I’ve done this kind of work. The only problem I see in these videos is the
    type of self tapping screw he is using. The screws he is using have a had
    on it and that will make the dry wall push out on won’t sit flat on the
    studs. If used as a track it won’t sit flat on the floor. That’s why they
    make flat wafer head self tapping screws. those would sit flat and won’t
    interfere with the flooring or dry wall.

  12. douglas carpenter

    Splicing is a legitimate form of framing. There are situations where you
    cannot get the stud lengths you need. BTW Reel is spelled Real.

  13. douglas carpenter

    Heres a clue genius, In my area there is no need for longer studs. And yes
    you can order longer materials. The difference in the two of us is I was
    too fast to wait on longer materials to be made and delivered. I’m done and
    gone to the next job while you are still sitting on your lazy ass using the
    right material excuse. I’ve met thousands of big talk,slow assed framers
    like you. I either didn’t hire them or fired them with a quickness.

  14. Kreepy Pasta

    ITT: Super Master Carpenters that know it all. someone should tell them
    Carpentry isn’t rocket science, it’s called rough framing for a reason.