25 responses on “How To Tape In A Butt joint Drywall the Aussie Way

  1. recommit

    A lot of queries about soaking the tape in water. The tape is designed to
    go on dry if applied fast enough to allow the mud to soak into the tape,
    but in warm conditions, or working a bit slower than this guy, who is a
    pro, it is a good idea to dampen the tape to allow better adhesion. The
    same method is used when rendering, a wall is dampened to allow better

  2. royzer79

    Was that classed as the first coat mate , so the second coat would be
    feather out the edges and then the final coat would be top coat to feather
    out the second coat

  3. JoeyClimax

    @daynef1 “the yanks” are overcome from the immigrants on the southern
    border. You get what you pay for over here.

  4. mac lemans

    brother hear the truth I have seen very few people to handle the knife like
    you I’m starting my professional handyman company and I’m really learning a
    lot from you thank you because you’re not an envious person and share what
    you know God bless you

  5. bl1tzkr1egbob

    @xXsnitchyXx Yes saw it in some other video. The guy soaked it in water,
    shook off the excess and placed it in the mud. I never did it myself, just
    wondering what the pro thinks.

  6. doggyme1

    We have got cracks on the ceiling where the plasterboard joins so im
    guessing they didn’t use tape when it was plastered years ago. If i use
    this method what type of plaster can i use in the uk as you call it mud but
    mud here is what we have in the garden. When you put the tape on do i leave
    it dry before the second and third coat.


    I’m not sure if he is calling it mud just to get the message through to the
    americans, as they call plaster or any earth based compound “mud”. In
    australia we call it plaster or just by the name of the product ‘Gyprock’.

  8. daynef1

    about time an aussie showed how we do it fuk the yanks must have some fukin
    good painters coz no fukin way we’d get away with any of their finishes up

  9. Hatem Chami

    yes thats the way to do a butt joint, but i skim it 6 inch side of the join
    right away i dont wait. i see other you tube vids on taping and i was going
    crazy , are aussies the only pros in drywall!