25 responses on “How To Tape in A Drywall joint The Aussie Way

  1. Valchrist1313

    tonytooth81 3 years ago

    how do you tape and joint the none tapered edges?

    Best way to do that would be to use a knife to create a taper between the
    butt joint edges, and then proceed as normal.

    I’m a drywaller/framer though, not a taper though. Maybe there’s a
    better/easier way.

  2. mac lemans

    brother hear the truth I have seen very few people to handle the knife like
    you I’m starting my professional handyman company and I’m really learning a
    lot from you thank you because you’re not an envious person and share what
    you know God bless you

  3. scope dog

    ha, not bad mate, taking your time tho eh? just did my whole house while
    watching your vid in NZ. Yea she was a big job, but ah anyway, thats how we
    do it.

  4. daynef1

    good to see backfillin we have to up here in the tropics coz of shrinkinge
    plus we only use base for taping so fillin those recesses makes for a nice
    2nd coat

  5. goat63able

    @xXsnitchyXx im pretty fast with the banjo but im sure your bazooka is
    faster. how do you like those northstar tools? i’ve been eyeing a set of
    columbia tools for a while now but i’ve read northstar makes some good
    stuff too.

  6. SuperJmacca

    you’re not wasting time you are saving tme by doing a professional job no
    piss farting around later by not “wasting” a little time now the aussie way
    generally seems to be the most efficient for the desired outcome

  7. trltd

    Hey same method here in Canada, if your doing it by hand and not with
    production tools. Very nice work, great skills sir.

  8. Rob Beckett

    Just watched your flushing and as a lecturer in Wall & Ceiling Lining I
    want to say you installed that tape as per the book and showed excellent
    technique and finish. I would like to use it as a training videofor hand
    flushing if you don’t mind.. Cheers

  9. tony alcala

    excuse me i’am learning disable can’t spell. i’am a 40 year experienced
    taper. at one time over 40 tapers. in my family some of the first tapers in
    the world . i must say you are pretty fast are you always this fast? if you
    are over leaped the muddy in a suar lap the stork you don’t have to come
    back and smooth it . they call me the ruben ater here is my email if you
    need taping tips… at ruben_lcl@yahoo.com

  10. yehgidday mate

    having been a plasterer now almost 20years,i never get sick of it, but im
    not gettin any younger either,and now 40yrs old its starting to show?your
    way is very similar to ours here or mine rather here in nz,i dont use a
    banjo to bed in the i use a trowel because im quick at bedding the plaster
    in,i use a 4” and a 6” inch stainless steel hyde’s,trowel i use are
    marshell town which are pretty good,will post a video or 2 soon watch this
    space? picasso plasterers limited.

  11. Rob Beckett

    What state are you in? AWCIA of Victoria is looking for lecturers may be
    try their we have a full set in SA Good Luck you have the skills you need
    the Certificate IV now and you should have no trouble.

  12. smithtown1000

    I’ve watch a couple of your videos now , 1 thing i noticed is your very
    neat i’m an apprentice and a little messy just it take lots of practice i
    surpose .

  13. 1234tarro

    hey mate where do you stop the tape from the butt joint do you run it into
    the factory joint or stop it just before the joint

  14. steve81132

    Nice work my ozzy friend!! Keep on kickin ass! Check out my vid if you
    like. Tell me how you like my jobs! Be well and god bless!