How to Texture Drywall – Popcorn Ceiling – Drywall Repair

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This is video #2 of a 2-part series. The videos are: Part 1 of 2 = Part 2 of 2 = To Watch t…
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Some cool Drywall images:


Image by Houzvicka


Image by jasonjday
Doug working on some drywall

drywall finishing

Image by Mr Shiv
the drywall guy did a great job.

25 responses on “How to Texture Drywall – Popcorn Ceiling – Drywall Repair

  1. Nathan Deneault

    LOL nothing good is coming from a can unless you are priming the lip of a
    fender on your 50’s car.. sorry but that can text is a load/crock of shit.
    This is homeowner series? Better advise to go rent a PRO machine then.. a
    “can” will NOT do what you are looking for.. you have to know the substance
    before you will understand why a can will not work.

  2. INCC74656I

    why the hell does anyone texture things? i swear to god i do not understand
    this. your refrigerators come textured, the handles on stoves come
    textured, the plastic walls in bathrooms come textured, people texture
    walls and ceilings. all it fucking does it make it impossible to clean
    properly and impossible to patch when holes are created. i fucking loath
    texturing on all things.

  3. Cars4163

    I like flat better our popcorn is old and yellow and dusty and its just not
    good looking at all so I’m taking it off

  4. ranchgoddess

    LMAO that this is from “Homeownerseries”… The guy didn’t tape off up to
    the ceiling, just a foot down, then used the “pan” to catch the popcorn,
    then was like “screw it” and didn’t even use it. The end result was
    CRAPPY!! WTF? I don’t even know how to do it, but could do a better job!

  5. deyterkerjerrbs

    what was the quality this video is considered to possess? I don’t think you
    mentioned it at all.

  6. Boogie man

    What a scam that repair looks terrible. You’d be looking at that repair for
    years. Trying to explain to freinds that you tried your best. I’t might
    have turned out half decent but this guy has no idea what he’s doing. I’m
    all for home renovation tips on youtube but shouldn’t some of your work
    have worked out in the past to be qualified to make one.

  7. Dave Sharkey

    It’s real easy to fix popcorn ceilings….just call a professional they’re
    dying for the work! ha ha ha

  8. tripjet999

    We like the popcorn ceilings and they are finally back in style, instead of
    that boring, flat plastering.

  9. Allan Purl

    Seems to be much simpler than I originally thought. This is going to save
    about $900.00 to have a professional do out.

  10. ranchgoddess

    I had a guy that needed the money come in and just sand the popcorn down on
    my living room and kitchen ceilings. It looks SO MUCH better!! Make sure
    you paper off the room, though, because there was dust everywhere. ALSO,
    make sure your ceilings don’t have asbestos in them before sanding it down.
    (This is NOT professional advice, it’s what I did…LOL)

  11. Richard Johnson

    they tried to make it sound so smart…. wet it scrape it off and spray a
    do it yourself can on the roof… woow

  12. ironmissrose

    Can stuff is a pain, costs 20$ a can and lasts like 10 seconds, hard to use
    and you can get the same results with white paint mixed with fine sawdust,
    cheap, easy to use, you already have leftover paint, the materials are at
    home, no running to the store for another 20$ a can

  13. HomeownerSeries

    @Toxiclevideos yes – search for this video How to Fix Drywall – Removing
    Popcorn Texture – Drywall Repair

  14. ranchgoddess

    I noticed that too… How do you get it so feather? Should you use
    sandpaper and even it out a little before spraying on the popcorn? I hate