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0 Comment shows you how to use all forms of drywall anchors. This video walks you through each style of drywall anchor and how they are used. To v…
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  1. Steve Schmor

    Forget these I use home made Hercules hooks from metal coat hangers. You
    can even temper them in the over but I don’t and they work quite well and
    are free. They leave a smaller hole and hold more weight.

  2. Tomasina Covell

    What if it’s in a modern apartment or office tower with metal studs
    supporting the plasterboard?

  3. gahloot

    What should I use on a stairway railing in my garage. The big bolt came out
    of the dry wall, and I need to refasten it. So I don’t fall down my bloody
    stairs! Thanks

  4. CubNole

    I got the strongest drywall anchors I could find from Lowe’s and used them
    to build shelving at my store. 5 feet of the shelving was anchored into
    concrete blocks, and then it made an L shape and another 6 feet of shelves
    went along the drywall. The concrete anchors were of course plenty strong,
    but the drywall anchors impressed me! ONE standard has six holes in it,
    after it was bolted to the drywall and I installed a few brackets I climbed
    up and down them like a ladder. Holy crap. So after several more standards
    and finally, the shelving, those are the strongest shelves I’ve ever built.
    Stronger than the idiot contractors built us to begin with! 


    None that we know of. Unless you are willing to create a fairly large hole
    in your wall. If you find a way let us know.


    Depending on what the cabinet will hold and the amount of use, I would
    highly recommend opening the wall and adding supports. If you’re filling a
    23 lb cabinet with lots of heavy breakable dish ware then its worth it. If
    the cabinet is decorative only I would recommend the self drilling anchors.
    Some are reported at holding up to 135 lbs in 5/8″ drywall.

  7. Homegirl1982

    Attempting my first ever DIY project for a simple-enough contraption: a
    guitar wall mount. Just wanted to clarify — plastic expansion anchors
    (came with the wall mount in this case) are redundant if Im installing a
    mount through an identified wall stud, yes? Will adding the anchors be
    harmless reinforcement if drilling pilot holes into a wall stud, or


    They can be quit destructive if done wrong. The easiest way to remove one
    is to unscrew it all the way until the toggle falls off into the wall. Or
    if that doesn’t work just remove the head with some cutters, and push it
    into the wall.

  9. Demetrius Garner

    What drill bit sizes would you guys recommend to drill the pilot hole for
    the expansion anchor or the self drilling anchor?

  10. kevinbollers2

    So either way you have to lose the anchor itself into the wall. No way to
    remove the entire piece as a whole

  11. realslimnatey

    What do you guys recommend for installing a wall cabinet that is 23 lbs and
    the location of the studs are not where you want it mounted?


    We found toggle bolts to be some of the strongest. Check out our video
    “Testing Drywall Anchors –” you can also search G2Lx0vOmoK4