How to wall mount a TV to metal studs

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Wall Mounting a TV to metal studs is slightly more difficult than mounting to wood studs. However, in this video I show you a simple and secure way to wall m…

14 responses on “How to wall mount a TV to metal studs

  1. Handyman Startup

    The size of your TV doesn’t matter. How much do they weigh? Most newer
    TV’s around that size weigh less than 40lbs and using an articulating mount
    won’t be a problem. But, if you have an older/heavier TV than you’ll need
    to use your best judgement.

  2. Matthew Craska

    I currently have strap toggler anchors and wanted to know what bolts would
    you recommend using to mount the bracket after the anchors are installed,
    or if the ones that come with the Anchors are fine. I have a newer Samsung
    55″ so it only weighs 50 lbs.

  3. Tim McDowell

    great video, I have a 60lb 55″ Plasma. Was going to go ahead with the
    plywood on two steel studs, but considering that its articulating (need it
    to swivel 30 deg) and a pretty heavy TV, I’m a bit nervous. Would I be
    better off with floor to ceiling plywood?

    I’ve seen elsewhere cutting out the drywall and putting the plywood
    straight on the studs, but a bit leary as its a rental apartment.

    would appreciate any feedback

  4. dwoodog

    Just wondering if in the same situation you could use molly bolts and just
    secure them into the drywall and not a stud?

  5. fuze59

    Do you prefer the driller toggle or the snap plastic ones? Is one more
    effective than the other? Both seem pretty straight forward to install
    with perhaps the driller being a step less..

  6. Rami Jadaa

    Thanks for the video. However, I have been reading some really bad reviews
    about “Driller Toggle”. I want to mount a 60 lbs TV on a wall that doesn’t
    have studs. Can I still rely on them to hold my TV? I was looking for a
    stud, and I thought I found one, but turned out to be a metal sheet. Not
    sure why a metal sheet will be behind a drywall. Any tip is appreciated.

  7. ComingAtYouBro

    thanks for the tips, exactly what i was looking for. Im going to install
    and articulated wall mount for my 55” TV. Maybe 100lbs total weight and i
    want to hit two studs minimum.

  8. Jesse Morris

    I’m getting ready to wall-mount two flat screen televisions, one 37 inch
    and another 47 inch, in my new home which has metal studs. Using either
    the driller toggles or the strap toggles appears very straightforward, my
    only question is would using either of these methods with a fully
    articulating TV wall mount present a problem? The videos that I’ve seen so
    far have had only tilting mounts and one other video included using a 3/4
    inch plywood backing plate to mount the television. I’m just curious if
    the additional weight and motion from the fully articulating mount makes
    things more difficult or makes this method not possible.

  9. egnilk66

    WAIT! 0:23 – What kind of monitor stand is that? Or…are they mounted to
    the wall and those black things are conduit covering the wires?

  10. Keith Collins

    Hey, Dan. Thanks for the video. Can you tell me what size drill toggles
    you use? Hanging a 64″ plasma on a basement wall with metal studs.

  11. Neighborhood Cigars

    If i use driller toggle to mount a 55inch on metal studs that are above a
    door so the studs are short, would a wall mount that pulls away from the
    wall put to much stress on it, or is there any chance it would snap being
    pulled away from the wall.

  12. Higgins2001

    Excellent video! None of the others I’ve been looking at have gone into
    any detail about the various types of toggles, so I thank you for that.

    They SAY these things are rated to hold a certain weight, but in reality
    I’m sure that 1) the capacity doesn’t simply “add up” the more of these you
    use, and 2) the quality (age, thickness) of the drywall comes into play
    despite the metal studs. While I know you can’t make any promises, if I
    were to use an ultra-low profile non-tilt non-articulating mount, do you
    reckon I could mount a 120lb TV + 15lb mount (135lb total) across 3 studs,
    with 2 toggles each? No kids to yank on it, no pets to jump on it… but I
    certainly don’t want to wake up in the middle of the night to a broken TV
    and a quarter of the wall missing 😀

    Good luck with your channel – you’re definitely off to a great start!