In Dunn, NC, a family business follows the rules

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In Dunn, NC, a family business follows the rules
Since 1980, construction wages have remained at about $ 34,000 a year since 1980—adjusted for inflation. Drywall installers saw average wages fall by about 40 percent, the biggest decrease, while construction supervisors saw less than a 1 percent drop …
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Campus Construction Update for Sept. 14-20
Interior framing/drywall, rough-in plumbing, duct work and electrical work are ongoing. Steel erection is complete on the east side of the addition and is nearly complete on the northwest addition. Work in the existing building is complete, with …
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Tractor-Trailer Crash Impacts Turnpike Traffic
When the truck overturned, it spilled drywall spackling compound onto the road. Fire officials believe the truck failed to negotiate a turn. “It flipped over and went straight into the jersey barrier dumping a whole load of spackling onto the roadway …
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