Inexpensive Roofing Nailer, Worth the Price

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Inexpensive Roofing Nailer, Worth the Price.
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15 responses on “Inexpensive Roofing Nailer, Worth the Price

  1. MegaGustafo

    my god, I now remember my grandfather telling me about the copper rubbing
    off when I was a child! Here’s hoping my mother still has it… Thank you!

  2. syyenergy7

    Some tools I have are high quality. But even stuff I use for body work on
    cars is usually just electric grinders and sanders, etc. If I was pro and
    did that all the time, I’d have top quality air tools. I have a manual tire
    changer also. Works fine for occasional use but if you were changing tires
    all day I bet it would break in less than a week, beside being 10 times the
    work to change a tire. It depends on the user and what you really need.

  3. syyenergy7

    Not sure. I am one that is the accounting an finance field. But I know damn
    well paper will not cut it when a real problem occurs.

  4. MegaGustafo

    another great tip from syyenergy. love your channel! quick question: what
    is the copper colored bracelet on your right wrist called? my grandfather
    wore one. brings back memories. Thanks!

  5. syyenergy7

    It’s pure copper. I got a few years. Some microscopic particles of copper
    will actually rub off and get into the bloodstream. Copper is very
    essential for the body so the copper bracelet has some health benefits. I
    forgot where I bought it.

  6. bicylindrico

    I am a dealer technician and always used ATF for air tool oil. Works great
    and is cheap. I think Marvel Mystery is very close to if not ATF. Great
    video. Thx

  7. Mike Brewer

    Not trying to be an asshole but those guns are junk…been roofing 37
    years.My first 1 lasted about 6 jobs and began firing multiple nails at
    once,took it back,the new one did the same thing after 5-6 jobs. They’re
    fine for the 1 time do it yourselfer..If your living depends on it…buy an
    Hitachi or Grip-Rite

  8. syyenergy7

    I agree for a professional roofer, this is not the tool to use. For the
    person that does his own roof it is good enough. I use Marvel Mystery oil
    in it because I don’t trust the durability. I don’t use it a lot, so it’s
    fine for me.