Installing J Bead Where Drywall Meets a Wood or Brick Wall

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Subscribe to Our Channel and Like Our Video! Installing J Bead Where Drywall Meets a Wood or Brick Wall Leah from See Jane Drill demonstrates how to install …

In this video, I show the skills and techniques needed to tape a butt joint and factory joint. These instructions also include placing the mud on the trowel …

28 responses on “Installing J Bead Where Drywall Meets a Wood or Brick Wall

  1. beotheguitarist

    Wow, I do drywall repairs at work and never heard of J Bead. Not sure if
    I’ll have to ever use it, but now I know what to use if I ever have to do
    this.. Thanks!

  2. jose julio cerenil

    Man this guy right here is damn amazing ahh man he is freaking great what
    ever yall think about him this guy is just great thanks Laurier?

  3. Xorxe Villalobos

    pro skills, great video, but aren’t you supposed to prefill the butt joints
    with quickset mud, or pre fill with regular mud and let it dry overnight?
    all my life i’ve been told to do it and now that i see a pro not doing it,
    it makes me wonder.

  4. Christina Jenkins

    Crazy question….can you use a regular kitchen mixer to mix the mud and do
    you use the same compound when applying the second coat over tape? What
    brand nix do you use? Tyvm!

  5. Joe Simplot

    Fantastic video! Thanks for the help. I’m mudding and taping my basement
    this weekend. First time.

  6. killarmy101

    I find this job can be done much faster with mesh as I can do 2 coats one
    with 90 and one regular mud but I always end up with probs in the corners
    with the mesh showing so I thing nest job im gonna try mesh seams and paper

  7. TheEgg185

    i hope this guy, and all dry wall men, get paid good money for what they
    do. this is a real skill that the average person won’t be able to do
    without years of experience and practice.

  8. louise desroches

    super great video!! never plastered a wall before and thanks to you I will
    try tomorrow! like a comment below… I feel I can do my whole house now!

  9. John Mack

    Thank you very much Laurier. I enjoy watching you work and have learned
    very much from you. I am trying to use your same technique but you make it
    look way to easy.

  10. StillHuntre55

    Beautiful job! My husband and I struggled for days with a knife and pan…
    finally a friend rescued us – a former pro taper – and he used a hawk and
    trowel. What an amazing process to watch!
    Thanks for posting this and allowing everyone to see this lovely art as we
    got to in person! 

  11. Grant Bedard

    Great video Laurier- very easy to understand, and looks easy, but like
    anything, you have to have the right “touch.”

  12. TheEgg185

    wow. i watched a lot of these videos here on youtube and this guy appears
    to be the best. whats amazing is how i can watch this and think “that looks
    so easy. i can do that myself”, then i’ll go and try it myself and struggle
    to do it good. lol.

  13. Wallmaster Drywall

    Why are you using plastering tools for drywall finishing? You won’t be
    productive enough with those tools because they are designed for
    plastering. For drywall finishing you need a knife and mud pan. The Hawk
    doesn’t hold enough compound to be productive in drywall work.

  14. Tommy Brando

    usually i view his videos prior to starting a job…i work in upstate NY…he’s
    a friendly guy and i’m commenting bc my business is growing every year, but
    i l owe a lot of thanks to Lauier…i can see how he keeps busy bc he is
    super passionate and professional…