Installing Your USG Ceiling Tile & Grid

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Installing Your USG Ceiling Tile & Grid.
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23 responses on “Installing Your USG Ceiling Tile & Grid

  1. Britt DZ

    I dislike drop ceilings…this was the closest video I found about how to
    remove them, I just figure its like the install only backwards :P

  2. ljml1982

    No, no, no…..this is not how to install tbar properly. I would expect USG
    to put out a better video than this.

  3. Gameer Saleh

    i made lot of that ceiling and this video make it complicated to make
    …its not nice in homes its office and public ceiling

  4. chargermopar

    When will they finally bring back concealed grid ceilings so I do not only
    have to look at those ugly exposed grids?

  5. lalochuky1720

    Dawwwmmmm.. i do this shit for living … and this way is slow and dumb.
    Call me… !! Ill show u the right way ..