Introduction to IMS

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Chris Reece, Award Solutions SME, provides us with a brief introduction to IMS. For more information on LTE and 4G technologies please visit http://www.lteun…
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25 responses on “Introduction to IMS

  1. nam le

    It is very good information for me to put all the puzzle together for IMS
    network, Thank a bunch

  2. Lingaraj Avate

    Thanks for the good presentation , I want to know about the each component
    of IMS like CSCF , HSS , MGCF etc , and how the call is established end to
    end in IMS . If you have presentation for the above , please send it to me
    it will be very helpfull for me. thank you 

  3. Naveed Siddiqui

    Hey Chris,
    I took few of the training from your org. you the best spreading LTE 🙂
    keep it up!

  4. senilf

    This is the best video lectures on LTE that I ever came across. A dumb can
    understand what LTE is after viewing this lecture… It helped me alot in
    my thesis.

  5. Jackey Ramirez

    look up event helix on google, they have a section on LTE and related call
    flows. It has it all!!

  6. randsonian

    Really nice introduction to IMS. However, I wouldn´t say that ASs are part
    of IMS (in fact the 3GPP has only standardized the interfaces -ISC-).
    Besides, I would have included the MRF.

  7. P Ragupathy

    Very good video,It explains basic knowledge about IMS, Thanks for sharing.
    Call flow diagram will more value.