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Chic storage ideas to corral clutter
The space under stairs is often overlooked as a storage spot, since it's usually closed off with drywall. What most homeowners don't realize is this tricky triangle is typically hollow, and the “wasted” space can be utilized to store your family's odds …

Naperville Living: Eco-Smart home takes green to new level
Indoor air quality was extremely important to the Kittilsens, as they wanted a home that could prevent health risks. Organic stains and varnish along with air renewal drywall, which absorbs harmful chemicals and breaks them down into the body of the …
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Bathroom remodeling should start at the studs
After adding insulation, install mold- and moisture-resistant PURPLE XP drywall in your bathroom. * The PURPLE color is easy to spot in the drywall aisle of your local home improvement stores, and provides value and peace of mind that lasts. * For a …
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