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KNAUF Drywall
Image by Governo Jaques Wagner
Governador Jaques Wagner recebe a diretoria da KNAUF Drywall.

Foto: Alberto Coutinho/SECOM

'Property Brothers' to offer advice on dream homes
We had a client who wanted to save money and do drywall in a basement. They spent a month mudding the basement drywall. In the end it looked terrible, it looked so shoddy. Buyers came along and said it looks terrible and they offered $ 10,000 less for …
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The Carpenter Pastry Chef: Power Drills, Heat Guns and More Unexpected
At New York's Lincoln Ristorante, pastry chef Richard Capizzi uses drywall scrapers to glaze cakes, notched trowels make beautiful chocolate curls, heat guns (typically for removing wallpaper) to affix garnishes and power drills to peel apples at hyper …
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YMCA holds early tour of nearly finished additions
The rough interior of the spaces, including drywall, electrical and lighting, were near completion. The two additions should be ready for use by Sept. 30, said Tracie Mosley, the interim executive director of the Frank Deluca YMCA. "Everyone seemed …
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'Independent' workers raise questions in SC
For example, companies using independent contractors in Minnesota paid 26 percent less per hour for drywall installers than if the workers had been employees, according to a 2013 study by Columbia University. “Workers are being hurt more than anybody, …
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