22 responses on “Liquid Rubber Roofing System

  1. Steven Hodges

    Michael, the top surface coat is not like paint that would flake over time.
    It is designed to wear and eventually recoated about every 10-15 years
    without spraying the liquid rubber again.

  2. Steven Hodges

    With some of these comments, it does not let me comment. Sorry. Reverend,
    I looked at recently. It looks like we just did it. We have tons of these
    we have done for years. The wear surface is designed to last 10 years.
    Then it is possible to renew the warranty with a new top coat only. You
    never tear off or spray the rubber membrane again.

  3. Steven Hodges

    You never spray the yellow rubber but reseal it with the silver (or white)
    every 10 years or so..and possibly with a new 10 year warranty.

  4. Steven Hodges

    Yes, this can be applied over mod bit roofs. In fact, it can be applied on
    any type of flat roof as well as metal roofs.

  5. Reddylion

    hi how good is these water proofing things compared to pitched roofs.!! i
    like concrete flat roofs and not a fan of pitched tiled roofs..as its not
    that strong..thanks in advance !

  6. Steven Hodges

    Yes. In fact, it can be used on almost any roof system as long as the
    insulation is not overly saturated and can’t be dried out with vents.

  7. brittneyenzian

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  8. igetloose

    what brand/model is this roof panel roll former? im very interested in
    learning more about steel roll forming. ive been looking at buying
    something to get me started but, dont know what i need. any info would be