Low Slope Roofing Complete Installation Guide

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Low Slope Roofing   Complete Installation Guide

Full Installation Guide for Low Slope Modified Roofing (Cold-Applied Liberty System). Low Slope Roofing Systems such as Liberty should only be installed on r…
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25 responses on “Low Slope Roofing Complete Installation Guide

  1. Tom S.

    Up here in the north this kind of seaming fails. Find Duro-Last roofing
    contractor. Custom made sheets up to 2500 square feet and heat welded
    seams. It’s far superior to this product and application. 

  2. Al Legory

    This stuff looks like a hell of a lot of work. I have a 13′ x 25′ porch
    roof similar to the video, and dead flat. Roofed it myself with a single
    sheet of EPDM and termination bar and adhesive. Then coated it with
    BlackJack white roof coating to reflect the heat. Best roof I’ve ever had;
    then golf ball hail tore my shingles to heck but the EPDM sailed right
    through, didn’t even hurt the Blackjack coating!

  3. Robert Wewer

    Under a 2 inch rise per foot is considered “Low Slope.” There you have it
    straight from the manufacturer. That is nuts! Stop at a 4 inch rise per
    foot – period! The manufacturers are making problems as unknowing
    contractors follow their recommendations. Under 4: Go to metal or single
    ply but don’t use shingles!

  4. Carlos

    This is far too confusing to be useful. They start with an underlayment
    installation, and then 2/3 of the video the go back to priming a bare wood
    roof. WTF!

  5. enlightened58

    It might not leak but you can kiss this roof and the entire wood deck
    goodbye after about 15 years because the self stick will not come off. A
    real expensive job down the road.