Low Slope Roofing – Installing Liberty Self-Adhered Base Sheet

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http://www.flatroofs.org/ – GAF Liberty low slope roofing system installation is even easier and faster with Self-Adhered Base sheet – learn how to waterproo…
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Doing some roofing shingles.

26 responses on “Low Slope Roofing – Installing Liberty Self-Adhered Base Sheet

  1. nniFymereJ

    @AlvaroRodriguez1969 I’m not the guy on the roof, I made a video of this
    house being built for the builder but I agree – as long as you do it right,
    that’s what matters.

  2. AlvaroRodriguez1969

    nnfymerej i know that i never go to school but i m a owner of good roofig
    company in north carolina ben doing roofin for 24 years hord work my friend
    i m sure that u know that and dont matter how fast u do the job just do it
    rigth the 1 time

  3. nniFymereJ

    @craigkorb Stop telling me this stuff. He is not my “buddy”, I have never
    met these people. I am a 15 year old kid that works at a grocery store. I
    was filming the construction of this house for a documentary that is
    uploaded on another youtube channel. If he did it wrong, then so-be-it. The
    house is still standing right now, and I know the owners. There is
    absolutely nothing wrong with it. If I recall, these guys finished the roof
    in 2 days.

  4. nniFymereJ

    @Hunkerbunker346 That’s not me or anybody I know, but however they do it,
    its fast and they do a good job

  5. craigkorb

    @nniFymereJ is that so? because your buddy just did that valley backwards,
    lower section is always done first, notice the ridge runs into other,
    bigger section? that section of valley should have been done first. roofing
    needs to be in a certain order.

  6. Christopher Green

    your scarin the hell out of me not havin any jacks or planks set up but you
    seem to be moving along at your own pace good job though i know osha would
    have our asses if we did that lol did you start it off a ladder??

  7. craigkorb

    @nniFymereJ settle down buddy im just saying, dormer first. obviously this
    means nothing to you, i didnt say he was slow, or its gonna leak. just the
    order of things, sorry to offend you.

  8. craigkorb

    @ThePerrro82 ummm, judging by that hammer in his pouch, he is doing just
    fine making money. aren’t you supposed to do the dormer section first?