Marking and Cutting out a Rafter – Roofing

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Marking and Cutting out a Rafter - Roofing

A procedure for marking out and cutting a rafter by hand – the main timber in a timber framed, pitched roof. This demonstration is on a model sized rafter an…
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25 responses on “Marking and Cutting out a Rafter – Roofing

  1. Jonathan Simpson

    Who uses tenon saws?? Yeah, its slightly neater but i dont like using
    them… I prefer to use the 22″ panel saw. I havent used a tenon saw in ages

  2. watcher9412

    i like this vid very helpful if any one knows where one can get those bevel
    in the vid please let me know @ slydog1 skype thanks for they a are better
    than the wingnut one’s

  3. chuffa22

    your eaves (or overhang) is cut afterwards with a stringline and a
    level,not a chalkline and a bevel.its way more accurate.

  4. glynteach

    Thanks for the comments people, but this video is meant for beginners to
    get an idea of setting out and cutting a rafter. Pre-apprentices and
    apprentices who don’t do it much at work, and the odd handy man, perhaps.
    Yes, it is a model house and things would obviously change a bit on site.
    Hopefully it’s been helpful to some people.

  5. cjcjx1

    haha just showed my dad this, he said its exactly what he wanted to see. He
    said hes a “shit hot carpenter”

  6. Brian Smith

    This was a great video. Are you building models for future home owners or
    are you building doll houses? I really admire anyone who can build a roof
    using the stick built method. It seems like 90% of roofs built today are
    built with pre-fab trusses. My hat goes off to you.

  7. Brad Dempsey

    Can I borrow them angle finders and cardboard to build my rafters,lol..I
    know what u did and how you did it ,but there was no info there,of how to
    measure,or make a rafter..

  8. 73Mackem

    wot a great idea…av 2 bevels that look the same…mistake just waiting to
    happen…r u makin a dolls hse…wouldnt trust u with owt else…nob

  9. MrFlynnytwo

    Very good for beginners (like me) please put it in context and build a
    model roof explaining the tables you use for getting the length of rafters
    hips and valleys … look forward to seeing more

  10. gaoxinglangblog

    hi everybody. I’m an apprentice carpenter who is interested in talking
    about construction with people online. If you are interested, you are
    welcome to add me to skype. thomas46073 is my username. I have graduated
    from uni but dont enjoy the white collar life.! im a motivated person who
    wants to make the most of my oppertunitys in the construction industry.

  11. Khardis27

    wow what a waste of time, just use a framing square or if youre making
    models only a speed square it’s 1 tool and will take half as much time. I
    cant believe how much extra work went into making that 1 single rafter. I
    build real houses and in those 6 minutes I would have built 2 or 3 full
    sized rafters.

  12. Ramon Rodriguez

    Thank you for the video – I am a complete novice and found it very helpful
    to build my kid’s treehouse.

  13. hominidae7sp

    _all this video for just one angled cutting? WTF?and next what you are
    going to use it for? next you are going to tell us how to hold a hammer and
    thrust a nail? do you know how to use a toothpick and what is it for? sorry
    pops, but this videos are so retarded kinda snail learning pase, and needs
    more direction! every body can find out how to use a drop saw, and cutting
    out rafters! explain this in a process while yo get to build something more
    functional and elaborated that would make it