METAL ROOFING – Chimney Flashing

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20 responses on “METAL ROOFING – Chimney Flashing

  1. Bob McAlister

    well….smoking has something to do with the flashing.? My son has been
    installing metal roofing for 10 years…no leaks. I have been installed
    them for 30 years…one leak. that was from a tree falling on the house. I
    wasnt being critical. was just saying yall do the flashing differently.
    cool down…life is short. Thanks

  2. Greg Bublitz

    Bob, I just watched your video on chimney flashing with a metal roof. The
    conditions appeared similar. You really don’t have a reason to criticize
    this one. At least this contractor to care to fold the underlayment up the
    side of the chimney and seal it to the brick. On your video, your installer
    left the old chimney flashing in place and the installation looked similar.
    Neither looks ideal for a long term installation. Most metal roof
    installers don’t do the details well.

  3. Greg Bublitz

    Great Bob, I should have let you see my work. GSB Services LLC dot com. No
    videos yet. Some may be coming. blog postings show some projects.

  4. Bob McAlister

    hi Greg….will check out your video for additional details. ,,,oooops
    …you dont have ANY? certainly would like more info about flashing if you
    have them. thanks

  5. Greg Bublitz

    Hello Bob, my comment was on the installation you criticized. Your video
    didn’t show anything superior to the one you had a problem with. In fact,
    you left the old flashing embedded. I would have picked another
    installation to feature your craftsmanship. Thanks for the video. I always
    appreciate seeing how others do it.

  6. Greg Bublitz

    Cool Flat Roof – I don’t think your installation was bad. I only commented
    on Bob’s criticism of your installation. I have been doing chimney
    flashings for over 15 years. Repairing many problems caused by other
    contractors. I enjoy seeing how others do it. My basis for installation and
    repair is SMACNA and NRCA. If you guys have something that works for you –
    great. I agree a reglet cut is the best, whether straight or stepped (you
    could do either if you wanted).

  7. coolflatroof

    @ greg bublitz 2 things: 1) our chimney flashings never leaked. and we’ve
    been doing it this way for over 10 years. And people I learned this form
    have beed doing it for much longer with same results. 2) What is the
    “right” way to flash? Putting lead into mortar? That weakens the chimney. I
    know it’s don that way on shingle roofs, but this is mental, and the
    flashing is continuous – not step flashing as is with asphalt. Cutting a
    1/2″ reglet into brick is a much better way!

  8. Bob McAlister

    well….certainly doesnt meet our standards for long term installation, yet
    probably works in that area of the country.

  9. coolflatroof

    Bob, your “quality” way? You have a dude on the roof smoking. You do not
    remove old flashing. And counter flashing is not folded over on corners of
    the chimney, and the water will get in there, and it will look half a**…
    I don’t leave bs comments about our quality standars on your videos, so
    please next time, if you have something technical to say – go ahead. But if
    you just want to bash – find another place. Because I know my stuff, and my
    roofs never leak!