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  1. Bob McAlister

    28 squares of roofing equals 2800 square feet. 1 square equals 100 square
    feet. let us know if you need anymore info .

  2. thegamer1587

    Continuing….. Could this much of a dip be shimmed out to look straight
    before installing a metal roof? Is it safe,common, or done very often? I
    can’t imagine the cost to have the rafters replaced, so I’m hoping shimming
    would be reasonable. Thanks!

  3. thegamer1587

    I have a house built in the 1950’s from oak. The roof rafters are 24″ on
    center with no support, 1 layer of shingles. Most of the rafters have at
    least a little bit of a bow or sag to them but one section of the roof dips
    probably about 4-6 inches ( more towards the botom side of the roof, the
    ridge is nice and straight) I think its more of a cosmetic issue more than
    anything but I may install some sort of support braces eventually. Question
    is could this much of a sag or dip be shimmed out?.

  4. Bob McAlister

    That particular job was for 28 square of metal roofing installed over
    shingles, plus the chimney flashing …total for the job was 7800. That is
    about 30% more than a dimensional shingle job, and this one will last
    forever. Homeowner got a 750. Tax CREDIT and was bragging about how much
    cooler the interior was BEFORE we completed the job.Call Michael for more
    info if you have interest in an estimate. thanks.. here are more videos.
    just click on my channel or my pic.