16 responses on “Metal Roofing Installation Video Part1

  1. I. R. Carr

    The video provides some excellent information, but the music is very
    distracting and caused me to stop watching the video after three minutes.

  2. emigrantgap

    as a i watching this video, i feel like i am waiting for the elevator doors
    to open to the top floor, so i can through myself off the roof!

  3. anynickwilldofine

    I had the same problem. But then I went to these guys: TILE-MOLDS . com .
    They provide the best roof materials!

  4. Jason Luke

    This style of roof is easily walkable even when wet. If firemen need to cut
    a hole in the roof, their tools will be able to get through this system
    just as easily as any other roof system.

  5. chow5810

    it has nothing to do with firemen not being able to cut the roof. it has to
    do with them not knowing whether the deck below the Decra is stable. this
    material is very lightweight and does not require the deck that most other
    roofing does. in fact, this system allows for 1″*4″ spaced sheathing. a
    200lb+ fireman would fall right through said system. sure, you can walk on
    it while its wet, but not without bending the panels with every footstep.
    26ga steel, about as thick as a credit card.

  6. chow5810

    there is a comment here marked as spam. it is not, read it. before
    installing a roof of this type make sure to consult your local fire
    department. fireman will often not get on these types of roofs or will
    charge you to deal with it. these roofs are great for protecting from
    outdoor fires. it’s the ones that start inside that you’ve got to worry

  7. Fahey Exteriors LLC

    We have been installing DECRA for years, give us a call for a free
    estimate. #metalroofingcontractor