Metal Stud Wall Framing Tips-DIY

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Paul Ryan and the homeowner demolish one wall and put up another one. This video is part of Kitchen Renovations show hosted by Paul Ryan . SHOW DESCRIPTION :…
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25 responses on “Metal Stud Wall Framing Tips-DIY

  1. Steve Fulton

    Get the chick out of there and get the damn job done right or else get your
    tools and your lunchbox and the f&%$#^&& off the job site.

  2. cinemagix

    Wow. What a bunch of idiots. Lasers? What did you do before there were
    lasers? Shine a flashlight and hope for the best? Why do I need to buy a
    $50 laser when I already have a $20 level? Or a plumb bob? Do you guys open
    a restaurant first before you make dinner, because that’s the way a
    “professional” would do it. How about you go make your own paint from
    scratch before you slap a fresh coat on cause that’s how the real men used
    to do it. How about asshat working construction=FAIL?

  3. fatasskrimson

    get me a battery and gas operated track fast, no need to fucking do pre-
    drilling in that shit just shoot and laser that bitch up , i would have had
    that wall up drywall and all in two hours drinking beer and chilling out.

  4. yourtruck

    That was abysmal. Acting and otherwise. C’mon, you really didn’t tell me
    how to do anything. I wouldn’t let you hang my toilet paper holder.

  5. DarkClanProductions

    Woah! Omg, no laser? I’m so gonna try this double level stack trick in this
    room i’m building on this school. Can anyone hook me up with a couple of
    30ft levels? :}

  6. francisco regalado

    Thats just a show guy he has no idea how to frame… to do the top trak he
    needes another stud and then use the level… man i can believe inconsulted
    this video to improve mi framing…

  7. yumyumsashimi

    Asian girls are awsome and eager, my wife is a Chinese model and she is
    beside me building our home and she is making it so fun!

  8. okbye1

    if you have a straight piece of track, and they are straight, using a chalk
    line is a wast of time, right? For a wall longer than one piece of track,
    then a chalk line is needed.

  9. John Messick

    I want to build a metal frame-out for greenhouse doors. The doors will be
    covered in commercial grade UV stable plastic. I was thinking of using
    track in place of the studs because the tracks are so much cheaper. The
    framing will not be load bearing or structural. Any thoughts?

  10. Gngrcpl

    What a fucking wannabe, no shotgun no laser and has a damn fanny pack on to
    name a few things. Oh and in the years I’ve been doing commercial work I’ve
    never seen glued down track

  11. Jesse H

    @Gngrcpl Not just that, but they literally attached the top track to
    drywall. You can tell when they set the studs. They should have put some
    backing up there to attach the top track to. That wall could possibly just
    fall over.