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  1. ngot74

    @Gavincurtis – please get your facts right. NAFTA has nothing to do with
    the importation of Chinese drywall.

  2. anmoose

    I’m not clear on why there’s the need to abandon such homes. The house has
    40 sheets of toxic drywall. Drywall costs $5 to $6 a sheet. We’re talking
    200 bucks in materials. Yes, installation is big bucks, BUT, you CAN rip
    the crap out and replace it without taking out a serious bank loan. I’d
    definitely be filing charges and joining in on lawsuits, but I sure as Hell
    wouldn’t abandon my home. I’d fix it. They CAN be fixed.

  3. eaglevision993

    Once there was a time everything was made in the respective country it was
    used in or, at least in a country of similar standard and developement.
    Only this insured high product quality and safety. Nowadays all that counts
    is the price. Cheap no matter how short its lifespan, how badly its
    quality. As long as we let our products be produced in 3rd world countries
    things like these will happen again. You get what you pay for. Just that

  4. Gavin Curtis

    Replace those 40 contaminated sheets. Clean the corrosion on the exposed
    copper wires and replace the switches and outlets. The house should be
    salvageable. Sorry that this happened. Another gift from your
    politicians….. NAFTA, the gift that keeps on giving.

  5. MengoMango

    Don’t buy Chinese products if you value your health. As a member of the
    Chinese American community, we already avoid Chinese products. Buy
    Taiwanese instead.

  6. Jean V

    Hi Ms. Stevens, is there way that a Government agency can come to a home
    that has been affected? or what is the best way to find out. Please let me
    know, thanks, Jean

  7. christo930

    Americans want everything, they want low prices, high quality and high
    paying jobs. It just doesn’t work like that. You get what you pay for.
    Americans need to start buying from local businesses and not big box stores
    and they to demand “made in the USA” and be willing to pay the extra money
    it costs to buy something “made in the USA”