Newtech International,Cochin About GAF Roofing Shingles in Manorama News

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GAF Roofing shingles USA Marketed by Newtech International Cochin. Contact +91 08547859926, 09447643366, ,08089591801.
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Flat roof, 2 layer Torch down over 1 layer nail applied Base sheet, First layer (torch applied) smooth surface Second layer ( torch applied) gravel surface I…

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27 responses on “Newtech International,Cochin About GAF Roofing Shingles in Manorama News

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  2. nemesisfcl

    you suck dude, you shouldn’t be proud of this, you done heat enough, you
    concentrate on the side more then the center, it has to be all even, full
    weld to one another.

  3. jr2993

    This brutal. The days of walking on the cap while you torch it are long
    gone. This job would never pass inspection in Canada.

  4. James Dunn

    You do not get your end-laps hot enough. Torch-down shrinks over years of
    time and the seems will bust if you do not heat the bottom layer until the
    granules brown enough to melt together the two together even and not just
    stick to the top layer to the granulated surface. Other than that I liked
    when I seen and you are good with the temp. of the modified and reading the
    color of the flame to know the temp. of the product. best I have seen on
    here, other than me 8-] Dunn Contracting

  5. Jeff .Smith Sr

    yep Ravi, amazing how many armchair beer swilling crack smokin
    professionals(snicker> there are around . and they prolly cant pour piss
    out of a boot with the instructions on the heel…..hehehe……

  6. Carl Smith

    roof will not last long burned down way to hot. when you walk on it you can
    tell by leaving foot prints your to hot. and this type of roofing wasn’t
    around 30 years ago. for all you wanta bees.

  7. Christian Veibel Jensen

    Good job!!! You guys are doing it correctly. I’m from Denmark, which is
    probably one of the only countries where roofing is an education, it takes
    2 ½ years to get an exam as a roofer. The only way to burn it coorectly, is
    to go on the roofing felt while burning it, like the guy in the video. as
    wrote further down, while rolling back the role before torching, role it up
    with a metal pipe it will work faster and allows you to burn more evenly.
    If people make foodsteps in the roofing felt, it is

  8. Jessica Samuel

    really bad roofer!! the job look like a shit … 2 inch of bleed out!!! and
    the cap sheet is only torch an a half aproxymately just the seem!!!….etc
    etc etc

  9. Harleymanincali

    @SendinK9 Thanks for your Comment. The final layer is called Flintlastic
    GTA white made by Certain Teed. Flintlastic GTA is available in 8 colors
    plus white to complement the most popular CertainTeed shingles.

  10. 1984calgary

    This horrible, real bad torching. If you can stand on the roll while doing
    this and not leave marks, you dont have enough heat. Fuckin yankees

  11. SendinK9

    Actually that was the guy next to me’s crack pipe. I just picked him up
    from the airport, said he needed some part time work… Hes from Dublin and
    was showing me how to do the roofing being you guys invented it :O

  12. lucky

    lol im not gonna mouth off to a roofer with so much experience, im just
    gonna say they teach a very different techniques in the roofing
    apprenticeship program, and if you wanna use IKO roofing materials they
    need to inspect your torching and you need a bullshit course and they are
    really starting to get picky

  13. captain256

    This guy obviously isn’t a real roofer, we both know that. But don’t group
    all Americans in the same category. For those of you not in this trade here
    are a few of the many things this guy has done wrong: 1. No bleed out in
    front of the roll 2. Didn’t dogs ear the corners on the underlying sheet 3.
    No footballs on the penetration corners 4. He’s walking on the sheet 5.
    Didn’t heat the under lap sheet or primer it on the field lap 6. No safety
    whatsoever This roof will not pass inspection

  14. bbeamsss

    ok ok people the pro is here, standing on top of a roll while torching is
    perfectly fine and recommended , the only reason people dont staND on it is
    to keep it neater and cleaner! but the only people that do that is people
    and companies that dont mostly do roofing and dont know about roofing

  15. davejones8

    wow,..if u have never seen the top lair with grainlers then u cant be 30
    years construction…the smotth black lair is base only ..then always ontop
    the base there is cap which has the grainels…on ever flat i have ever
    worked on (when torching) the first lair is base and next lair is the

  16. smfso12G

    wrong…no cut corners, and by walking on freshly torched material, the
    weight of your foot displaces the freshly heated modified bitumen in the
    spots you just stepped, leaving a void…where’s your cane and trowel?
    Also, your cap stripping seems to only come onto the deck about 3 inches or
    so…the standard is to have your base come on 4 or 5 inches, and the cap
    comes on 6 inches. I’ll admit, the work LOOKS nice, but as a ticketed RCABC
    Red seal roofer, I just thought I’d point that out.

  17. Carl Smith

    don’t you mean last 12 years with 45 leaks. There’s no way it will last 45
    years stop lying to the home owners. And Ravi and all you that need to
    watch a video, that just says how much u know about roofing . did u watch a
    video for wiping your own ass.

  18. Xeidasx

    @Harleymanincali well its a good thing your not in germany anymore for
    those improper techniques to catch up with you, or maybe thats why your
    here in the states ya? zeee germans are coming!!!