Nice Painting Contractor photos

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A few nice Painting Contractor images I found:

Bank of America security trying to prevent me from taking a photo during the Iraq war protest
Painting Contractor
Image by Steve Rhodes
I started to take a photo of the Bank of America which had been closed because of the protest and they told me I wasn’t allowed to.

I explained I was on a public sidewalk. One of them gestured to an imaginary
line which they said was the Bank of America’s property. Even if that was the case, I was a few feet beyond it.

I started taking some photos and they certainly didn’t represent the Bank of America in a very favorable way (ie. like complete assholes). And now these photos are tagged Bank of America and will come up in searches.

I then noticed that red paint had been thrown high up on the window. Still, pretty mild compared to some of the Vietnam era protests against B of A.