One man drywall install

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Installing 5/8 drywall on 13 ft ceilings with help from drywall lift.
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25 responses on “One man drywall install

  1. bigcartoonyIIV

    Nice tool. How much did this tool cost you? This beats having 3 lazy
    helpers watching me cut each sheet. i could fire them, and make a huge

  2. 600gleable

    I just finished framing a 600 Sqft ceiling but couldn’t lift and attach
    them to the wall too heavy! I was looking for something like this tool to
    help me lift it, I wish someone posts its name so I can look for one on
    eBay or elsewhere. 

  3. Mack Woodcock

    you know if you put the hooks on the open side you can use the lift to
    press panel against adjoining board

  4. John Vukelich

    thanks for the comments, its a very good machine, not as fast as a good
    helper. If you have the time and not used to lifting sheets over your head,
    you will be glad you rented it

  5. Rex Anderson

    How come you didn’t use glue and then screw? I thought you were supposed to
    glue the rafters first.

  6. John Vukelich

    lifter made by Tel-Pro, it is the best one that I know of,cost about $1100
    there are other ones that are cheaper, but like the saying goes, you get
    what you pay for

  7. drdbzd

    Yeah, try loading the 8′ doubles. I watch the guys deliver and they toss
    the 16′ sheets around like they are paper in 5/8.