One man drywall installation on ceiling

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One man drywall installation on ceiling

Shows how one man can install drywall on a ceiling using a simple, inexpensive jig. No need to buy or rent a drywall lift. Hanging sheetrock on a ceiling can…

25 responses on “One man drywall installation on ceiling

  1. Paul Short

    Man your always thinking. Cool way of doing it. Did you notice the hits on
    this? I’m proud of ya lol 

  2. Brett Bar

    I so enjoy when people are creative and think outside the box! I wish I had
    known about this trick a few years back when I had to install 5/8 drywall
    on a ceiling. My stepson and I did the “Atlas” thing: one holds the drywall
    up while the other screwed it on!

  3. MrFredSed

    Bob, you make that look too easy and you’ll forgive me for pointing out
    that you’re no Arnold Swartzeneggar. 😉
    Are you using a thin board! It looks like a 9mm plasterboard/sheetrock when
    ‘they say’ you should use 12mm on ceilings.
    Apologies in advance if you do use a home gym!

  4. Dan Smith

    Bob- Thanks so much for your idea. I just put up a 1000 feet of 4×8 deck
    ceiling using LP Smartsiding. I couldn’t use your bar roller method because
    I had stucco on the edges of the ceiling so I used a ladder for my “roller”
    and I attached the cargo jack to a board that spanned two ladder rungs. It
    worked perfectly as I used the paint sticks to brace each end. It was
    easier when my wife and son helped me but they weren’t available for much
    of the job so I was able to do most of it on my own. You are the man! 

  5. Michelle Widell

    Great idea, now I need to put the clothes back on the rod after I stole it
    to put two 4×12’s on ceiling. I only had a wooden rod, so I drilled a hole
    in both ends, secured some 1x1s to each end and then screwed that into the
    ceiling joists. Worked great.

  6. Zezinema

    that looks a lot easier than we we do at work… i have to fram the walls
    and aheetrock them myself but before i put the sheetrock i have to put glue
    on the frame then put the sheetrock…instead of screws i got to nail them
    with sheetrock nails and a hammer

  7. Bob Kelland

    Billybobt83 – this subject has been discussed a number of times in the
    comments. Seems like there are many different thoughts and opinions related
    to that. The video shows a way of doing it on your own and is not related
    to which goes first etc.