22 responses on “Operating the Drywall Automatic finishing set

  1. kentiwi

    daydog shut up u sook, get with the program auto tools are the now not the
    futur the now ur living in the yestur years… LOSER

  2. je qu

    you are a butcher, everything for sure have a lots of holes and gonna
    crack, i don’t wanna see that job with a 500w light

  3. dinomurf

    Nice to see you have the tools, too bad you are unaware of the practical
    use! Certainly not a custom job, low end production work. No workmanship

  4. Cessnacaptain

    oh, and for you worksmanship people out there, boxes do a lot better job
    than by hand when operated by a pro (less variation and more consistency),
    except for high shoulders and a couple other normal things of the such that
    may need to be finished by hand.

  5. Tommy Higgins

    yep that butt-joint is going to pop out like a red ball in a white room .
    wow i hate tool finishers .

  6. Concrete Builder

    Everybody should lighten up a bit on this guy. You have no idea what level
    the builder is paying for and so on. It appears he does commercial
    jobs…think about it if you want to make fun of something…try his velcro
    sneakers for a topic

  7. ArchCityConstruction

    After 25 years of finishing drywall, I have mastered both ways of taping.
    The bottom line is, if your a crappy taper, it doesn’t matter with method
    you use, you’re going to put out a crappy product. But if you take the time
    to master your trade, you’ll find that it’s the operator that produces low
    or high quality work, not the tool. The automatic tools are much faster but
    if you don’t know how use your hand tools to tighten up the loose ends your

  8. lovesomecujo

    vikingwarlock is right. those flats are wet. a big no no in drywall. The
    reason is the wet coat underneath may still shrink some when it dries
    competely and pull away from the top coat leaving a gap. This of coarse
    will crack and break off either while being sanded or painted. If your

  9. Dave Jacobson

    is most drywall finishing done this way these days? Using the various
    finishing machines instead of doing it by hand?

  10. Cambria0001

    All u unskilled slow poke cry babies, just go flip burgers while the rest
    of us old school master finishers/tradesmen work circles around u and make
    bucketts of money. It doesn’t pay to hate, It pays to humble yourself and
    learn from masters like this guy and my self, real tradesmen. The rest of
    you weekend warrior johny homeowners keep running around with your 500 watt
    light. Don’t get me wrong that’s how I got good. Look forward to fixing ur
    jobs and taking ur money! Ha ha.

  11. truthsayer1000

    @dinomurf …clown ,,these are precision designed tools..if used properly
    they are a much better finish than hand work . no flutters or shallow
    spots..besides there are few hand finishers will real skill left out there..

  12. 1WallBoardsman

    @daygo6969 Is that just because they do better work then you while running
    circles backwards around you??