Owens Corning™ Roofing Video: SureNail® Technology

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The SureNail® Differance – A technological breakthrough in roofing. All TruDefinition® Duration® Series Shingles come with the added benefits of patented Sur…
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Metal roof flashing installation. How to flash a metal roof. A quick step by step guide on how to flash a metal roof.

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10 responses on “Owens Corning™ Roofing Video: SureNail® Technology

  1. Livingston Roofing and Handyman Service

    Please check out this video on Owens Corning SureNail Technology. It’s
    really very interesting. #shingleroofing #roofingcontractor #roofrepair

  2. Justin Ruble

    Admiral – it’s customers like you who paint themselves into a corner with a
    thought process like that and eventually end up on the losing end of home
    improvement project. I’ve see your kind over and over again. Quite frankly,
    it’s very sad. Be more open minded and get past your “salesman stereotype.”
    Salesman are more often than not, TRUE experts in their area of service.
    Give em’ a shot. You’ll be much happier in the long run and most likely
    avoid a sub-par roofing project that will indefinitely fail. 

  3. AdmiralLobeam

    O.K. so the embedded fabric is a “game changer” – but enough already with
    touting all the science put into this technology. It’s not that
    complicated. It’s just a piece of tough fabric inside of the shingle. Also,
    roofers aren’t whiter that white, They work outdoors and the sun beats down
    on them like it beats down on a roof. As a home owner I can smell salesman
    a mile away. Just put the roof on right and do it fast and I’ll use these
    shingles – after 100 years someone came up with a good idea.

  4. Bordner Installation Group

    Thank you Owens Corning for letting us take part in your surenail
    demonstration. We love your product!

  5. tory mountain

    Using a cordless drill to drive fasteners is soooo novice. Try using an
    impact driver. It’s smaller, more powerful and battery life will outlast