13 responses on “Popcorn Ceiling Drywall Repairs Mudding And Texturing

  1. B Miller

    Another video showed using thumbtacks to attach some plastic over the good
    popcorn to not overspray it.

  2. Vanessa Elm

    Sorry I couldn’t hear or see the product you were using. The end
    application looks great. Just need a closeup of the product and mixing

  3. You_Worm

    Why do these people (not just these guys) litter Youtube with useless,
    poorly conceived, poorly executed, instructional(?) videos? Is there no
    review of this stuff before it’s alowed to be posted? One can waste days
    of time trying to learn something searching and watching…and be
    dreadffully led to a poor or no solution.
    This is by no means the worst. Try to learn anything on this site!
    (YouTube). But it does demonstrate the reason why this country is around
    40th in the world for average intellegence. However, I might hire Kung Fu
    Maintenance to do some work, they may be the best available…

  4. jasonbriggs77

    That stuff dries hard as a damn rock…..you ever try to scape ceilings
    that have had a repair done with this? Omg….

  5. Toronto Painters

    This works in an inconspicuous place but as you can see on the video It’s
    not a dead match in various places. Also I recommend doing a test spray to
    get a feel for the distance you need between the nozzle and the ceiling
    this will allow you to get the right pebble consistency. Also don’t try
    spraying to finish 1st time but keep on adding to it progressively on till
    you see the right amount of stucco deposited. Spraying with a spray can
    stucco is a lot harder than using a machine.

  6. Jetmakr44

    A simple mudding tray, mud, and a few tools. Perfect for the average
    homeowner. I think the important thing here is the base is built up to the
    existing, smoothed, and the popcorn is added last. Most homeowners would
    just grab the spray can and think the repair is all in the can. Not so, as
    I experienced that myself. Shows a little prep work pays off in a better
    looking repair. Good informational video and results for almost no
    money……………. Spot on.

  7. KungFuMaintenance

    I don’t know, I thought it came out pretty good. This is more of a video on
    showing the average homeowner how to make a reasonably blended in repair
    without a substantial investment in specialized tools. This one was in the
    back corner of a closet anyway so not too big a deal. Though I am not in a
    big hurry about it I do eventually hope to make videos showing how to
    texture and popcorn texture with a hopper and an air compressor.

  8. D eez

    @15:36… all that work and you will still be able to notice repair. Come
    on man. get the right tool for the job.

  9. TJ Downes

    looked like it came out pretty decent to me, for a cheap home repair job.
    I’d recommend less mud next time. There’s no real need to mud the whole
    patch area, and the texture will blend better.Generally when they texture
    the walls and ceilings, the walls are only mudded along the seams, screw
    holes and any other imperfections. The texture is sprayed right over the
    top of mostly bare drywall.Sanding the edges down will help blend it better